Sunday, 23 October 2011

The Colonel's Fine Finecast Foray (Part 2) + Liquid GS + Vallejo PP

Part 1, here.

OK, so, in the meantime, GW release Liquid Green Stuff (GWLGS). I suggested, at the time, that it was probably job-lot, Vallejo Plastic Putty (VPP), with green food-colouring added (I can be such a card ;)) ... so, is it?

Before I get onto that, I chose my Finecast Vampire Lord to kick-off with. She has few blemishes, but, as is always the case when tidying surface detail, what is a fault and what is sculpted detail?  I went over to GW, for some clues ...

The first image, shows a lovely, flowing, set of robes, with no damage or fatigue. The second image shows (e.g. the inside of the left arm) an array of little holes; seems like holes = Finecast fail.

No matter, no worse than many metals (although, not that may resins), that I have dealt with over the years ... and GW have, thoughtfully, created LGS, so that I may solve the problem !!!

So, here is a textured surface, with GWLGS on the left and VPP on the right (clicky for biggy) ...

... and her arms filled with GWLGS, where required ...

Now, 24 hours to set.


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