Thursday, 3 May 2012

Sanity Restored By A Very Kind Man (one-day bump for TY)

I have finally caught up !!!

This is in very large part, to the wonderful generosity of Papa JJ, over at diceRolla, who, most very kindly, made a substantial donation, which, not only allowed me to upgrade the memory (thus, allowing me not to throw the PC out of the window, just to 'show it who was boss'), but, to make a start on the journey to a newer machine, for the future.

Thank you so very much again, Papa, and I am sure that precious Monty has found a safe, caring and loving family.

The Colonel


2D Art: Ravine – Together we stand invincible

Popooree Refill (bumped for addage)

Mis Jornadas en Hispania 2012. (Sábado)

Terrain Focus - 40k Tank Traps - Showcase

New table, new terrain!

FF-Fields Competition Results

Dropships Inbound! An interview with Hawk Wargames…

Modelforce 12

warhammer 40000 games workshop rogue trader

Pre Heresy Storm Shields and Mortarion W.I.P

Soirée du 28 avril

Ghazzy Complete!

Ravenstar Studios - Sale and New Release

Profil der Odalisque und Fireteam: Haris Regelupdate

The New Campaigning Season Arrives

Trabajando en el diorama Miguel Sordo y yo

Nick Lund's Chronicle Hobgoblins


Sci-Fi: All Terrain Tactical Mech

Got To Get The Right Crate :)

Estantes para botes de pintura Hand Made

Shapin' And Makin'

Shaper and Maker: What does the site actually have?

Got Pics?

painted HOBBIES photography contest
4000 photos at painted

Palm It Off

Scenery Tutorial


This is our new no man's land

One Coat

Post 200: Painting Lylyth's Cloak

Leighton - A Fave Of Mine

Auction Preview: Sotheby's British & Irish Art

Tiny Places

Architecture Prototyping and The Software Debate – by Piet Meijs 


Degraded for energy swords: Wet blending
Degradados para espadas de energía: Wet blending


SbS – How I do the Scratches (or Shadowsword #16 )


Popooree (bumped for addage)

Firewalker, por Dragonsland

Outstanding Models 4

Medieval York for Sale

Sasha II completed...

New Chaos flyer spotted at Adepticon 2012 !

Interchangeable Trygon fully painted

Scibor: SF Celtic Warrior Bust

Anvil Indutry: City Rubble Bases


HOBBY: DUST Painting in 55 Minutes

Warmachine: Cygnar Minis Unveiled at Adepticon 2012

Collector ALERT!! ALIEN Refinery Miniature Replicas offerred by South American Models

Infinity April 2012 Previews
April Neuheiten
Dasyu sinper

54mm Apocalators: The Animal Hunt

as it's May...

News and New Releases from Critical Mass Games

Hypnotic Beat!

How to... Display Miniatures professionally?

Graz Painting Class - the Aftermath
Duke of Bavaria 2012 - Jungle Report #1

Leaders of the Dynasties

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Games - Hive Tiles

Showcase: Thousand Sons

North Africa campaign turn 6 summary

War Against the Walking Dead by Sean T. Page

28mm Skeletons: Size Comparison....

Faith in the Machine- April Objective Achieved

Hawk Wargames, the Colonial Legionnaires

Free to Sail the Seas Beyond the Edges of the Map . . . .

Ares Mythologic - Nueva figura Sci-fi Jhonn Creek

MetuCon 40k Tusot Tournament - Game 2

Tainted World Eaters Predator #1 (lascannon)
Tainted World Eaters Predator #1

Eldar Wraithlord

Review - Frühlingsoffensive

Apocalyptic Sunday