Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Wightly So

Unboxing the Wight King


Orcs & Goblins: River Trolls Unboxed

In The Shade

Gundam/ mech model workshop 61: Pre shading airbrush tutorial

Lovely Tanks For Sale

baneblade and shadowsword, hexblade for sale


Asdrubael Vect. Part One ~ with MarneusAugustaCalgar
Asdrubael Vect. Part Two ~ with MarneusAugustaCalgar

Talking Filthy And Painting Fleshy

Painting Filthy Zombie Rags
Painting Undead Flesh

CMON Lovelies

Eldar Falcon
Chaos Land Raider
Chaos Land Raider
Ork Warboss Roadrippa (and Da Speed Squig), NAGD Chicago 2011 Slayer Sword


How to paint a Ork Killa Kan Part 1
How to paint a Ork Killa Kan Part 2

Ho Ho Ho

Christmas in January


Basing Tutorial


My Little Tank(s)

Techno Techno

Terrain Project: Techno-crates 2