Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Now That's Texturing

How to Use a Concrete Stamp
How to Make a Custom Concrete Stamp out of Urethane Rubber

Is That You Murphy?

robocop head Finnished

It's A House !!!

My new workshop space

Hot Tippery

Hobby tips 04: More out of spray cans

Not A Tank

Airfix 1/76 Scale Saracen A.P.C. Mk 1/2/3 Model Kit Review

Kicking Off

Starting Basic - What do you actually need

Not For Boobs

How to craft braziers for your D&D tiles (The DM's Craft, EP 47)


Clay Sculpting mixture 50-50 (Super Sculpey + Firm)

Lovingly Plastered

Terrain Showcase: Fieldstone Ruins Various Pieces from Website
Terrain Showcase: Tyranid Custom Display Board 40k
Terrain Showcase: Burned Out Building
Studio Update: 40k Models! Ruined Concrete buildings

Get Some


The Judge Is In Court - Well Done Buddy !!!

White Dwarf, February 2013 ...