Monday, 22 August 2011

Beasts of VIdeo

On the Table 19 Aug 2011

Beasts of Paint

Beasts of War August Painting Competition
Important Painting Competition Update
Official BoW Painting Competition – August 2011

Montreuxification 2011

World Expo 2011 Montreux: link collect
Swiss World Expo 2011
figurines-tv shows some great videos

first gallery of miniatures in contest

forum gallery with tons of great pictures

gallery from minicreateurs

Swiss World Expo 2011

Getting Started for ETC 2011

World Expo 2011

T³ - TableTop Tournaments
ETC Painting
ETC 2011

Battle reports from Montreux, ETC 2011 - DAY 1

Take a look at these ETC photos…

Hobbycribs Hi-tech Special

We're back for the attack!!! CBT CPT is back on the air!!!

Vote often

MWC August Conversion Contest: Vehicles - Voting now open!

Must be something he ate

The Winds of Chaos blow strong down-under

Bi? Well it is 2012

Bi-Level Display Board

Hobby for Nothing: Display Board Walkthrough


Adventures from Warhammer World

Nice Space Puppies army for comp

Wolf Lord on Thunderwolf Mount

OFCC Army is finished!


New 28mm Medieval Heraldry and Barding Waterslide Transfer Kits


Loyal Legions and Traitors

Basis of bases

Building gaming base

Other CMON niceis

Death Korps of Krieg Commissar

Hauptsturmfuhrer Konrad von Kardsten

High Elf Lord on Griffon


Gothic Steampunk Ruins

Missed Daith Goodness

Terminator Wolf Guard 

Dark Eldar Wych Syren by Daith

Very nice

Arkhos, Templar commander


Review: Army Painter brush
Review: Army Painter Pinsel

Wellingtonification 2011

Back from Call to Arms 2011 some random pics

Call To Arms 2011

CTA '11