Thursday, 7 April 2011

Papering on the cracks

Gaming on a Budget- The Joy of Wallpapering

Dip in and find out

Army painter dip.. is it that good?

Lovely compendium

Painting with... Elías Alonso (Morsa)

Premiere from Vegas

You Tube Intro Contest

Sandy Bottoms

How to Sand Round Surfaces on Model Kits

Very nice Termies

Thunderhammer Terminator Sargeant


How to paint Grey Knights Paladins / Terminators - Warhammer 40k

The Bigger Ones

54mm Twilight Knight Pinup

The Little Ones

The Stolen

Very Horny Lady

Pirate Queen Skarre

I will always love you

The End of Days for Metal. The Birth of Resin (compilation of rumors)
Games Workshop NEWS: Metal On the Way Out
Games-Workshop Update: First batch of deleted codes

Some more PH builds

Shades of grey and blue

Go for your brush

Display Your Colors