Wednesday, 25 April 2012


Legion of Everblight starter set



Frickin' FireFox ... Grrrrrrrrrrrr :(

Seems to be crashing, on my blog load, after a recent update !!!

Anyone else with FF? (I appreciate you may not be able to read this ;) ).

Using Opera, for now (it crashed).


Later that day: did some wiggling, of my new memory chips, maybe it is that - seems better, for now (it crashed).

Even later: OK, created a swap file, again, and liberated some HD space !!!

It's OK ... I love you Firefox :)

The End

Apocalypse Narrative Mission

Need More Po !!!

Battle damage Space Marines

US Armour 1945 

Space Thingummy

Toll Bridge in action!

Fubarnii Caravan : LPL6 Round 7


Empire Update: Engineer finished and some WIP photos

Demigryph knights: Finished at last..

Aircraft bases for sea terrain boards

Travis: (Insert Witty Pirate Pun)

Yedharo Models – Abril 2012
April news / Novedades Abril (3)

3ª División Fallschirmjaeger, Ardenas 1944

what good equipement can do for you, Part 2

Moson Show 2012 – Photo Report #4

Malifaux: Guild

Hordes Dire Troll Mauler

Infinity Yu Jing Maramaki Zensenbutai

Dire Avengers Finished

The Plague Gentleman

1750pts battle report. Red Scorpions vs CSM(Nurgle)

Arzignano (Vicenza) XXVIII Edizione del Concorso Nazionale di Modellismo

Nurgle Rhino conversion using FTW inspiration

The Portable Wargame ... is my new desktop background image!


Minenraumpanzer VK3001 - final photo

Oh Dear

Resinting my purchase - Forgeworld Fail

Never Forget Who Helped You Get There :(

True Scale Space Crusader Heavy Armor 5 man Upgrade Kit as it Ships
Shipping Updates and Resin Orders

40k Fest

Welcome to the Black Library!
Campaign - Ardan V, Mission 1 Battle Report
Lista definitiva para el TdA


Sum NooVoh Necrons

[Noticias] Fotos de la 2ª Oleada de Necrones