Friday, 18 November 2011

Very Enlightening

An Overview of GW

Paint, If You Please :)

Conversion: Caminus-Priest Unit Complete!

Yes Please

3D Printer - High Resolution - Homemade - DIY
3D Printer - High Resolution - Printing Alien Skull
3D Printer - High Resolution - Software Demo - DIY
3D Printer

Another Little Gem Of A Game

Solopalooza Day 2: 5150 Star Army

Stoney Ground

Review - Stone Texture Spray

Feast of Armies

Feast of Blades Pics



First two M5s finished...


Modular Canal System Part 1

More Lovely Tower

On The Painting Table... Witchfate Tor, Tower of Sorcery!


The Fujita Dinner by Piquifl & Arsie

Heavy Man

Check Out the Heavy Gear Two Player Starter Set!


The World of Dystopian Wars
Dystopian Wars Town Terrain Set
Dystopian Wars: Metzger Robot
Dystopian Wars: Airfield
Dystopian Wars: Modular Weapons Platform


Boxin Day | Epic Grissel | RHQ-TV Episode 73
Boxin Day | Epic Vayl | RHQ-TV Episode 74
Boxin Day | Epic Baldur | RHQ-TV Episode 75
Boxin Day | Epic Hexeris | RHQ-TV Episode 76
Boxin Day | Sturm & Drang | RHQ-TV Episode 77


Pre Heresy army build ~ Luna Wolves ~ Part 32 ~ Primarch Landraider W.I.P Part 1
Pre Heresy army build ~ Luna Wolves ~ Part 34 ~ Horus Primarch Landraider complete
Pre Heresy army build ~ Luna Wolves ~ Part 33 ~ Whirlwind part 2 ~ Complete


Flory models news show 18th November 2011.avi


On the Table 17 Nov 2011

On The ...

Brief Review of Warpath Box Set

On The Road

TerranScapes - Flexible Road Master - take 2
TerranScapes - Flexible Road Set Prototype

Brushes At Dawn

Wamped II Painting Contest

CMON Nicies

Trazin the infinite, Necron Lord

Dark Elf Sorceress

Daemon Prince

Lord Kaldor Draigo


Few pics from my bag - Sternguard Veteran and Gabriel Seth

Nice Blast

Old Stuff Wednesday - November...40k Templar Dreadnought


Napoleonic Infantry Rebase Complete

Golden Blast

"Hey, I think I heard something..." GOLD!

Scenery Corner II

Nissan Hut

Space Marine Statue

Gród Mieszka I/ Burg city of Mieszko I

Just for GReg

House & Home

Guts To Love It

Night of The Glob



Where They Lived


Love Buckethead

Dere's Speed Freaks around


Showcase: Dark Eldar Razorwing Jetfighter
Showcase: Grey Knight Dreadknight


Tutorial: Advanced – Undead Flesh


[Arid's Anomalies] - Necron Command Barge/Annihilation Barge Magnetisation tutorial!!

Rarely Wyrder

Wyrd Painting Contests » The Rotten Harvest - 2011

Unless You Like Them

Warning - Tekhnolog ZOD "15mm" Plastics


Wyrd Rotten Harvest Entry - Ghost Girl