Friday, 22 February 2013

Gren And Bear It

Review of 28mm panzer grenadier box set from warlord games

Tiger Bolted

Show me your Tiger(tank),review of bolt action tiger royal resin 28mm model from warlord games

Some Princely (bumped for addage)

Nurgle daemon prince update number 4
daemon prince update 3
nurgle daemon prince update 2
Nurgle daemon prince update the chopping begins
My nurgle daemon prince needs you
nurgle daemon prince update 2 -the wings
nurgle daemon prince conversion part 1

The Force Was Absent

Rare Star Wars Toys That Never Made it to Stores

Stop Rattling

Magnetizing Miniatures for Storage


CLINIC: Airbrushing Future Clear (Part 1)
CLINIC: Airbrushing Future Clear (Part 2)

Krome Sweet Krome

Badger KROME Disassembly & Assembly by Lester Bursley
WGConsortium Live Show Recap

Must Fly

ACADEMY MINICRAFT 1/72 P-51 D Mustang - A Building Review

Inbox Review - ITALERI - Spitfire F. Mk.VII - 1:72 Scale
Inbox Review - REVELL - Dornier Do 17 Z-2 - 1:72 Scale
Building Review - AIRFIX - D.H. Tiger Moth - 1:72 Scale
Building Review - MINICRAFT - Piper Super Cub PA-18 - 1:48 Scale - Part 1

Win A Man's Home

TerranScapes - Castle Giveaway


TerranScapes - Composimold Revisited - mold making
How to Avoid Bubbles in Your Mold


BoLS Review - Izamu the Armor, Guild Riflemen | Malifaux