Sunday, 5 August 2012

Winging It

How to Airbrush Leathery Bat-Like Wings


Painting Dark Ages Figures the Dux Homunculorum Way


Samurai Commands

Summer Skirmish 2012 Tournament Report


Painting: Better Pictures of my Chaos Marines!

Finished: Ogre Kingdoms Stonehorn

Weekend Sale at Gamecraft Minis

Wargaming Anecdotes - The Land

Peter von Greyerz

Monthly update!

Mariners Blight Sneak Peek
Mariners Blight Daemon Prince K'thul-hu
Mariners Blight Jet Bikes
Mariners Blight Defiler Azathoth

Finally finished the Diorama!

2012 so far…

CMON Lovelies

Skarre, Queen of the Broken Coast
Exalted Vermin Lord
Bretonnian Knight of the Realm Unit
evil sunz ball tank
Daemon Prince of Tzeentch
Griffin Exorcist
Zombie Girl


City Terrain for Dropzone Commander

Removing Tension

Scibor Miniature Celtic SF Torin Mech *Review*

To The Teeth

Alternative turrets for Space Marine tanks in 40K. Ideal for weapon emplacements to!

Daemonic Boxes

New Daemons Unboxing Warhammer 40k Seeker Chariot, Flamers and Screamers of Tzeentch
New Daemons Unboxing Warhammer 40k Plaguebearers Nuglings Soulgrinder
White Dwarf 391 Review Chaos Daemons Arrive! Warhammer 40k

Mini Review/Unboxing Plaguebearers of Nurgle

Not Exiled (bumped for addage)

Skarbrand The Exiled One ~ Part Three
Skarbrand The Exiled One ~ Part Two
Reposing and Filling - with Skarbrand The Exiled One


Painting Wryd's Simulacrum 29


Paint storage rack

Good Hart

Huron Blackhart unboxing review

Bearing Up

Chaos Daemons Nurgle Plaguebearers - Unboxing and Product Review

Hobbing Ponderings

Games-Workshop Financial Report 2012 Analysis

Harlequin's Triumph in Art! Harlequin Halls Painting Competition Compilation | 40k Nation
40k Nation: Exterminatus Chapter Banner!

Huge Business Ramble- Stone vs X-Wing

warhammer 40k new starter set out soon

FOW Ranes Shops WIP

TheJoeyberry Update and Chat

It's VLOG time! (But not as you know it)

Winners of the 50 Subscriber Contest Giveaway!

Warhammer 40 Dark Angels Land Raider tank finished

Zombie Command & Kickstarter