Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Popooree (bumped for addage)

WM News: New BattleFoam X-Board Fury

Star Wars set up

Warhammer: Goblin is a fan of Batman

Astrid - repainted - it's posted in CMON!

Showcase: Caestus Assault Ram

 Showcase: Space Wolves Long Fangs

Showcase: Eldar Skimmer Army

Showcase: Space Wolves Wolf Guard Terminators

 Ral Partha Europe Releases Demonworld 15mm Dark Elves

 Puppets War releases new Cyber Undead bases

GameCraft’s First Ship Miniature

The Imperium storms onto Flickr

Necron Project – Thokt Crypteks

Les projets Outpost en 2012

WIP: Sarmatian Light Horse - Completed

DW Icarus flyers

 Space Marines and Tomb Kings

Jakob Kempler z Ostlandu

Miniature Monday - Yet more Grey Knights!

El Cuidador de perros

Multiple Combats - Jørn's very belated January update

Quick Update on Me

Onslaught GT

Warfare Miniatures USA

Freddy's got nothing on me..

Huttes - 25mm

Abandono 1ª

Army Objective Marker

Lineage II - 42mm

Abyssal Warlord - 75mm

Halberds in cream and blue: what's not to like?

Highland Laddies of WW1

Airfix Panzer IV Revamp

What do you think of this style and size mech for 15mm?

Malifaux: Infernal Killjoy And His Bowler Hat

Commission: 15mm and 20mm skips
Familiar robots in new colours

Dream Pod 9 - New Heavy Gear Blitz Releases

Mantic Games - Twilight Kin Assassin

Anvil Industry - New Releases

Warlord Games - New Plastic Ancient Greek Phalanx

Warmill - Portable Utility Pod

Grey Knight and Titan Princeps
Waterpistol Wars
The huntsman

Pictures from a large FoW Late War battle

 Pikinierzy/ Pikemen

Annihilation/Command Barges Painted (Part 2)

Mud Splatter