Thursday, 11 August 2011

Cataracts not good

Sarmatian Cataphracts

Have an arm

Mike's DIY Servo-Arms

So much super in this one

How to paint Eldar Dire Avengers? Warhammer 40k | buypainted


How to paint Sepulchral Stalkers? Tomb Kings | Warhammer Fantasy Battle | Buypainted
How to make a "Dry Mud" base? Warhammer Fantasy | Tomb Kings | Buypainted

All his bases are timed by him

How to make base in 7 minutes? Miniature base | warhammer 40k | wh40k

Love his styles

How to choose the airbrush and compressor? Buypainted | airbrush for modellers | airbrushing

Now in grey

CMON Shop Update: The Wrath of CANG!

Knightly Magnets

Grey Knight Magnets


Throne In E Minor


Warhammer 40K: Ork/Tyranid Hybrids
It Came From The Forums Alaric Cantonain's Ork /Tyranid Zybrids!! You Gotta See It To Believe It!
Ork "Genestealer Kult"


Sanguinary Phalanx HQ

Just lovely

A pair of New Chaos Marauders Painted...Tre Manor miniatures
Conradt the Crazed...the newest Marauder
More Marauding....the Horde grows with more painted minis

Claymore 2011
More Claymore 2011 Pics

Gotta love 'em

MONSTER HUNTER Capsule Toys Diorama [最討厭的任務!]

More special models

Bushido - Wave One Previews and Release Date

Quite wonderful

DarkSword Miniatures - New Releases

Now, that's a gob

Ramshackle Games release Wild Dungerdon
Dungerdon, Wild

Set 'em up

Scibor release sci-fi Spartan Warriors set

More card goodness

WorldWorksGames release Mayhem Traffic

Very nice

Kingdom Death: New figure releases


Mk I-V Hurricane Bolters

Thumbs Up

Steve Barber’s arena
Steve Barber

Brush with life

Brushes.. What’s the Diff?


Painting Ork Skin Tutorial
Moonshine Boyz finished