Friday, 1 April 2011

Quite Lovely

Cool base, great painting, and original
Duchess Death - my Crystal Brush Project

All their, rude, bases

El Pee and the Man - Episode 008 - Custom Bases

We're All Doomed!!!

Doom of Malan Tai - Wet Blending Scy Talon

Not Tyrrible

BNB-011 – Tygandr, Hydra of Khthon


Adepticon 2011 - Day Zero

Adepticon 2011 Pre-game Show

The Right Way

How to Roll Citadel Dice


Sisters, Sisters

Leaked Sisters of Battle Codex Pages (Here are the Pics 4 Pages!) and Repressor Pics
Sisters of Battle Models- What is on the Horizon

Dark, Grey Knights

Joy of Painting X

For the 'Ulkans'!!!

Ulkans preview


New Engine Teaser Pic- Disassembled Parts

Simple, but effective, conversion

Plastic Daemon Prince WIP, Slight Conversion work