Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Outposted (bumped for addage)

Desert Outpost Terrain Part 4Painting the Comms Tower
Desert Outpost Terrain Part 3 Initial Foam Carving
Desert Outpost Terrain Part 2 Basic Layout
40K Desert Outpost Terrain Part 1 Introduction

Droning On

Let´s build a Tau Markerlight Drone

Stir It Up

Product Review Badger Paint Mixer Stirrer

Bubbles Or Not?

Nurgle Command Unboxing: Warriors of Chaos Nurgle lord on Daemonic Mount


Improved Water Effects Pouring - Swamp River Set

Carvery (bumped for addage)

4pc Giant Hill Revisited
4-piece Modular Gaming Hill WIP


John McMaster

Paper, Steel And Blood - Update

Paper, Steel and Blood - Gaming Papercraft > G+
Paper, Steel and Blood - Gaming Papercraft > FB

WIPpies ...




Multi-camera rig test #1
DIY multi-camera rig


40k Terrain: Amera Ruined Factory

Bolting Tanks (bumped for addage)

Bolt Action Panther Ausf A
Bolt Action Panther Ausf A -Build part One
My bolt action Puma almost done

Chip Off The Block

How I Paint - Hair Spray Chipping and Pigment rust streaks