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Any old boys or girls able to help out The Colonel?

These 1/72 figures were in a 'Betta Bilda' set I purchased on Ebay, which (along with the style) places them in the UK, probably from the 60s (clicky for biggy) ...

They are brittle polystyrene.

Manufacturer and date? I thank you.


Airfix, Set 01706, Civilians

Date Released 1961
Contents 47 figures
Poses 24 poses
Material Plastic (Medium Consistency)
Colours Cream
Average Height 22 mm (= 1.58 m)

Hendrid the Master wins the prize of The Colonel's Awe.

Dark Mechanicus, but only half the story (Part 2)

Before JtD gets the works, I needed to make the bulk of the base (restricted to a 'Terminator Base' [40 mm] for this competition), for scale. Just needed a cog, so a little press-moulding was in order.

The Cog ...

In GW Green Stuff (for flexibility) ...

Voilà ...

ProCreate filled (paraffin wax-assisted, never waste any putty ;) ) ...

Voilà ...

Result is more than fine for this project. There was a little irrelevant tearing, as I took it out early, because of the complexity of the teeth etc.

The Base moves on ...

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