Monday, 2 January 2012

Elbows Too

Fimir - Dipping a Toe into Water Effects
Water Products Showdown

A Little Background

Pirate Girls
Photo Backgrounds

Some Lovin'

Chaos Space Marine - Slaanesh Conversion...Come Get Some

Popooree (bumped for addage)

Ringing in the New Year with the sound of Shurikens and Las

Party games - 2012

Off to the races

2012! Go!

2012 - Snr Lt. Mikhail Vasilyev

This week on CBT CPT 1/1/12

First Warlord Landwehr Unit...kind of....

Axis Gorillas - Dust Tactics

Soviet Forward Detachment Slams Into German Panzergrenadiers!

Schaumburg Lippe Artillery battery

Recently painted No 42 FIW French regt La Sarre

Looking Back at 2011

Space Wolves Rhinos Finished

Ogres, first batch

 Apocalypse Terrain: Hab Block Pt 4

Impetus commanders (10mm)

Cancon Practice at Nick's

Commission; Grey Knight Draigo and Librarian

the Munich Manual of Demonic Magic...

Curteys Medieval Bowmen

German Crusader Sergeants

576 muszkietów, 432 piki, 48 partyzan...

Annual HAWKs New Year's Eve Party

From MilesR: War of 1812 US Rifle Battalion (180 points)

Easy Now

Reaver Lords

Gotta Hurt

Word Bearer spoted an Ultramarine scout.


My Opinion of Finecast


Première figurine de l'année 2012


Looking At Your Heavy Hitters


Viens voir les miliciens

Emulation, Not Cowardice

Space Marines painted in camo schemes


At last ...
Work in Progress

MV Lovelies

Two finished Darksword Ladys
Saracen: Final Pictures
My little SKYRIM

Dead Good

From Dawn of the Lead with love


Showcase: Dreadfleet Islands and Ship Wrecks


Fortified Farmhouse - completed
Restoration - part 1


Soeurs de Bataille Retributor


Happy New Year and "Da Plan" for 2012


Weathering Tutorial!

No Need To Shell Out

Shell Tutorial