Saturday, 3 September 2011

All troops are not born equal

IMEX, Accurate 1/72 vs Musket 25mm, AWI foot

Note no horns

More Vikings


Plastic Chaos Obliterators Conversions

Diorama Blast

Aspern 1809

Titanic Review

On the Table: Win Forge World Titan
Beasts of War 40K Titan Challenge


Tretch Craventail


What i think ...

Nice, Tiny, Paras

Para US pour ROE

Chapter 54

Crazy Disco Dreadnought

Very nice

Skaven Warp Lightning Cannon Painting VI (finished)

Time to convert or board

Forgeworld - New Space Marine Releases


Exclusive! Micro Art Studio - Wolsung Previews

They can now be back

Finally the boys are here

Samurai Focus

Perry Samurai - WIP +2 (Sashimono)

Perry Foot Samurai - WIP + 1

Perry Foot Samurai - Completed

New Special: Samurai Special Choose 3 for $33

Very nice

Painted Wrecked Marker "TA DAAA" Part 3

Makes me want Dwarves

Warhammer Advance Orders

Very nice

The Ogre Kingdoms are ready for war and we unveil some new Plastic Characters!
Dark Eldar Lhamaean

Bettrer crack out the brush then

Brazos Painting Table

Not crooked at all

Dawnlord Vyros, Privateer Press 2011 Grandmaster

A man who never made a 'mistake' ...

Millenium Falcon - colour probs

More excellence

Emilia 'Foxy' Foxwell
Statuesque Miniatures