Saturday, 7 May 2011

Tanks Again

Building a Macharius Heavy Tank Part four.wmv
Building a Macharius Heavy Tank Part Three.wmv
Building a Macharius Heavy Tank Part Two.wmv
Building a Macharius Heavy Tank Part One.wmv

Mike is doing everything right

Clan Rat and other minis

Nice Chopper

Demonslayers Iron Chancellor "Percivall Infero"
28mm Iron Chancellor Percivall Inferno

Transferable Skills

Modeling: Making Custom Decals 


Carronade 2011 Pics Upload No. 1 

Carronade 2011 Pics Upload No. 2


Tau XL-18 Interdiction Armor (Spikey Bits DreadKnight Conversion Contest Entry)

Faster, Faster ... we are not dying quickly enough

Chimera Conversion- Rapid Response Wheeled Kits

Elves and Pirate Troubadours Spotted!!!

RPC: Bilder vom Tabletop Testgelände 1

RPC: Bilder vom Tabletop Testgelände 2

We Are All Toy Soldiers

Historical Wargames


Retrieve the Relic by all costs... WIP


Chaos lord of Tzeentch on flying disc


Black Crusade

Laurentimort - Daemon Prince of Laurentix (Part 5)

A little more bulking-up and first fit of wing armature to new shape ...

Wish I could go :(

Masterclass Vehicle Weathering Workshop 4-June ... Sacramento, California.

Quite Smashing

Inquisitor Magnus

Footy The Stuff - Again

Godzilla: Casting part 2
Godzilla: Casting part 1

Battle the Boardom

Inquisitor Steve's Battle Board


Obsidian Painting Supplies/ My Workspace! 

Gary Goes Techy

NMM sanguinor? NOPE! How to build a lightbox? YES!

All this and prawns on barbies too

Wizards of Oz 2011 - AUSCON

AUSCON - A little more eye candy

Very nice

Marius Lietdorf

Quite Wonderful

Dark Eldar Archon

We are on a tank trip

Death Korps Stormlord


Stug IV

Well, do yer punk?

Dark Sword Miniature Painting Contest
Dark Sword Miniatures, Inc.

Nice variation on a theme

Ratgard release Hedgehog Anti-Aircraft Weapon System
Hedgehog Anti-Aircraft Weapon System

Lovely, as usual

Cygnar Gallant Warjack preview

That will be 'studio photography', to you

Studio fotograficzne

Yes, how DO they work?

Magnets - How Do They Work? 

Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit

This Week in 40K Podcasting – 4/29 5/1