Saturday, 23 March 2013


Mantic Skletons on the Sprue

Bearing Up

How to paint a Plaguebearer Chaos Daemons by Lester Bursley

'Nother Nigel

UNBOXING NJAL&studio update

Nice Kits Flashback

The origins of Mutant Chronicles New Kickstart warzone


f6f-5 by Eduard 1/72 weekend edition review


night hawk pattern storm eagle


DEMONJESTERJ'S 5+ Questions To A Model Maker With Guest killaminis 


Karaskin Storm Trooper -- Imperial Guard -- Painting For Us Mere Mortals Painting Tutorial

Organised Chaos

Live Chaos Space Marine painting


How to thin Citadel (P3, Vallejo) paints for airbrush - Part 2

Reveller (bumped for addage)

Revell Lancaster Part 4
Revell lancaster Part 3
Revell Lancaster Part 2
Revell Lancaster Part 1

Squedgy Bredge

Shout Out Saturdays Episode 13

Flory Dah

News show 22nd March 2013 720p

C'tanic (bumped for done)

Necron Void Dragon Painted!
C'tan Void Dragon Conversion (part 6)
C'tan Void Dragon Conversion (part 5)
C'tan Void Dragon Conversion (part 4)
C'tan Void Dragon Conversion (part 3)
C'tan Void Dragon Conversion (part 2)
C'tan Void Dragon Conversion (part 1)

Tray Be An

How To #15 - Magnetizing a movement tray for Warhammer Fantasy

Putty In His Hands

Spud Tate Big Thank You - Vanhammer Unboxing


New Kit, Rant, and Some Babbling

Case By Case

KR Multicase: Introduction and Tray Codes Explained

Skinny On The Reptilians

Make: Believe // Monster Skin Makeup Tutorial

Farm Away (bumped for done)

Main scratch built building finshed for the Normandy bolt action farm
A farm update and a thank you
Final Construstion update of normandy farm build
Quick normandy farm update
Quick update on the scratch built normandy farm house 
Here we go its time to show you my big one,the Main farm building
2 down 1 to go
update splash that paint around
Not well update quicky
Quick Update
fun with windows
The joy of making windows
part 2 of a lift of roof building 
Part 1 of a lift of roof building For the Normandy Farm build Normandy stable build
farm build stable
farm house update ,roof tiles
Normandy Farm build Quick tip
Normandy build update quicky
a quick help video
Qucik Normandy farm update
WW2 start of a french farm build for 28mm wargaming