Thursday, 20 September 2012

Deathly Bone

How to paint Death Wing Terminator from Dark Vengeance By Rogland

Mossy Juice

Product Review: Design Master ColorTex - Mossy


Mercury 9 part 21: Spotlights...

Oy !!!

Oyumaru Giveaway Competition - A big thank you to all

Contemptuous Dust

Review of the Tamiya Weathing Master kits

Old Big Wolf

Space Wolves Canis Wolfborn (Warhammer 40K Unboxing)

Old One Eye (And Two)

Unboxing the Skorne Cyclops Brute (Hordes)

Hordes Starter box set - Unboxing the big box

Keeping In His Marbles

How-To Paint Marble and Colosseum update
Colosseum Arches and Brick Work Done 

Big Doors

TerranScapes - Castle Project - WIP Final Version - LOTR Terrain


How to paint Interrogator Chaplain Seraphicus? Warhammer 40k Dark Angels Buypainted