Saturday, 7 January 2012


New Space!

A Million To One

Storm Strider - Krieg der Welten Umbau

Watch The Occies

Review: Darwin Games – Rise of the Occulites

They Are Heeeeeerrreeeee (bumped for Gussrahmen)

The Rise of the Vampires

Warhammer Fantasy: Vampirfürsten Gussrahmen

In His Stride

Storm Strider - Krieg der Welten Umbau

I Hope Not

More deadly art of Blanchitsu...

Does Not Taste Like Chicken

Creating dead tree/tree stumps, the easy way!

Avoid Puns About Burnt Static Grass :(

Woodland Scenics HQ destroyed by fire


Cała połówka

Rabbit, Rabbit, Ravishing

This Week in 40K Podcasting – 12/30/2011 – 1/5/2012

Tune Up

Completed Project of 2011 "Slacking" a Humorous take on Mecha Modeling

Lovely Lady Lumps - Check 'Em Out

Common anatomical mistakes of small figures

Spikey Armies

Best of 2011: Eldar Army Round-up
Four Horsemen of the ORKpocalypse
Best of 2011: Space Marine Army Round-up
Best of 2011: Blood Angels Army Round-up

Smokin' !!!



WFB: Why I Shouldn’t Be Excited For Vampire Counts

Could Be Yours

Ebay Sale: Beautiful Deathguard Army

What Big Fingers

WFB: Why I Shouldn’t Be Excited For Vampire Counts



On The Yukikaze

Hobby Link Japan Build Series - Tamiya IJN Yukikaze


How to paint an Ogre
Ogre skintone variations


Black Templars Terminator command squad + Kromlech Zephyr missile launcher's


Eduard 1/144 Ju-87D Stuka Part 2: The build!
Eduard 1/144 Ju-87D Stuka Part 1: Vacforming the canopy! 


Gale Force 9: Gallery of Valor Unboxed

Drift Away

Rorke's Drift! Box Set From Warlord Games


Air-brushing 101 | Warmachine Objective Markers | RHQ-TV Episode 83


Malifaux: The Viktorias

Blitz And Pieces

UM 1:72 T-34.85 with S-53
Inbox Review 1:72 Italeri Panzerkampfagen Pz.kpfw II ausf.F
Inbox Review Airfix 1:72 Bell P-39Q Aircobra


leadbelchers dooone!
How to Paint Ogre Leadbelcher
"Iron Hammer" and "Brunhilda" join the other Leadbelchers. Unit's DONE, son!


Legio Custodes army build ~ Sagittarius The First ~ the build. Part 1

The Colonel Lands The "Promotion Extrordinare" Award !!!

Shout Out: Best Blogs Of 2011
Shout Out: Best Blogs Of 2011(The Apologetic Part 2)

"And the winner is...;

"Tirelessly tenacious doesn't begin to describe this blog. 
From miniatures webstores, to forums, to bloggers; 
CSMOCDMB (even the abbreviation is a mouthful!) 
covers it all and manages to pump out upwards of 40 posts a day 
just to get the word out. No one deserves this award more."

I can only express my delight and reiterate what I said in the comments.

Thank you to everyone who is making the community, what it is, today, and congratulations to all the nominees and winners, particularly Ron et al at FTW.

The Colonel.

Back To Bases

Finished Ork boyz and basing...
Next batch - more WIP Orks...

Popooree (bumped for addage)

Gardes et Guerriers / Hearthguard and Warriors

GUERRA CIVIL ESPAÑOLA.- Para la Colección Sr. Pozo.- Guardias de Asalto y tropas Moras

Dark Age Apocalypse - Objectives


Le défi de SDE

Nurlge Painting - Obliterator

Sergeant Gorasan finished

Mountain Miniatures Secret Agent and Brummies Angel's

Very excited ......Greens are here

Kommando Nob

Light Panzer Walker

Covenant of Antarctica Escorts – Dystopian Wars

Another Necron test model!!!!

Models for Sale
Models for Sale

Przemalowany tabor / Repainted tabor

Samurai Vs Chosen Koreans - Impetus

Royal Marines - ukończeni!/ finished!

Zvezda's Russian knights

From DaveD: 28mm Napoleonic Bavarian Chevauleger Regiment 'Konig' (360 points)


On the Bench: Dogs of War Display Board

Coming Home

Venator Slingers

Taban Miniatures Distributes Master Miniatures

Bavarian Bash

Six-Pounder Gun Teams - Austrian 28mm Napoleonics

Completed Balthasar Gelt

Weekly Hobby Update Thing #22

ACW extravaganza!

Heavy Gear in the Mud

28mm Warlord Games Roman Eagle bearer, Roman Mounted General and unit #2 Celtic Cavalry

Tallarn Desert Raiders

Ravignano set up - Italian Wars rule set playtest