Saturday, 12 May 2012


Review: NuCoal Sampson APC (Heavy Gear Blitz)


Haiku Thursday #29: The Servitor


Charon Boatman

Line Up

Gundam Building 101: Panel Line Washes

Eyes Peeled Please

Circle Army Stolen


Heresy Miniatures Review


Dark Mariner Commander

Popooree Refill

Been Busy as Hell!

Many Space Marines now available in Citadel Finecast

The Nihilakh Dynasty returns

Necrons and Space Marines from Japan

Industrial buildings part 2

Behold the Wardens of Faith!

Duke of Bavaria 2012 report 

Más fotos de Driades

Deux Eden de plus

Post Apocalyptic – Terrain and Relics of the Past

SAGA Dark Ages: Alliances formed and treaties broken...

Warlord's New Leprechaun

Siege of Fort Meigs (War of 1812)

40k Friday

Badab War - Minotaurs Scout Squad - Finished

Converted Tau Crisis Suit Firestorms

Ground Zero: Apothecary's view of Berks Spring Assault 3!

Mecha dioramas modeled by DECAY

Genestealer Cult Vehicles: Hellhounds
More Genestealer Cult: Veteran Mutants

Adepticon Construct AKA AdMech Scout Sentinel

Lead Painters' League Concludes

Forgeworld Chaos Warhound Titan

Orc boar boyz - grunt with spear #1

Swarming Scooters - South Atlantic Naval Air Arm Carve Up!

Jon’s Finished Death Guard Army

Eldar – Razorwing Jetfighter – ØRNULVS MAI 2012 PROJECT #1


Tutorial Fortaleza Imperial (Parte 2)

Sharp Dresser

Chainmail Bikini

Popooree (bumped for addage)

Camp Ztumsia - May progress update

Project Pandora: Grim Cargo Review
Projetc Pandora : Grim Cargo, Open the Box

Curso com Fernando Ruiz em Porto Alegre (RS-Brasil)

Sneak Peek Week

Miniaturas para mi vitrina.

Junker Quad Bikes

Red in Tooth and Mandible...

BAOR Chieftains and more...

Eden : Dégénérés suite et fin.

Peter Stuart Ney

Finished: Black Templars Forge World Boarding Marines

US M5A1 Stuart Light Tank Platoon

Pedro Kantor

American Civil War Signalling Edifice..

Finished Eldar Farseer + LL2012 

torneo di verona marzo 2012

Studio McVey - Zeeona, nueva figura

If you go down to the woods today...

Artillería orka

More lovely ladies from REAPER

Masque Of Slaneesh

Wendigoes from War Gods

Alternate Astral Claws color scheme

Infinity: Ariadne Highlanders
Infinity Ariadne Gallery #1

Grey Knights Librarian

Yar! Freebooter Pirates

More Tainted World Eater troops

Infinity: Pan Oceanians Gallery #2

Imperial Fists Captain on sculpted base

Reaper Gallery #1 Black wizard group, etc...

Tale of War - Nueva figura de vampiro - Vittorio Morbius