Monday, 16 July 2012

Colonel's Cardstocking Compendium !!! (Part 11a)

Section (Ia): Inkjet Printing and Refilling Issues

Please read this very useful article ...

Inkjet Photo Printers - Part Fourteen, Which Ink Do You Prefer?

I advise readers, that refilling cartridges may void the warranty, on the printer, and I am not to blame if you try it !!!

The general refilling process, is described here ...

Refill Instructions: Canon 40, 50, 41, 51, and 52 Cartridge (pdf)
Please read before refilling cartridges (pdf)
General Instructions and FAQs (pdf)
Tip For Begin Refilling - Refill Instructions for inkjet cartridges (pdf)
Refill Ink Cartridges - How to Refill Your Ink Cartridges (video)

I will illustrate the syringe method, later.

Original Cartridge Versus Cheap Replacement Ink

Printer: Canon Pixma MP280,
Paper: See Section (A),
Conditions: Standard print density,
Replacement Ink: 'Elements' - the cheapest ink I have ever used - and I have used some :)
Tiles: Streets of Himmelveil test tiles.

(clicky for biggy) ...

(a) Daylight bulb ... top tile is original cartridge, bottom tile is fully-purged replacement ink

(b) Flash ... top tile is original cartridge, bottom tile is fully-purged replacement ink

Gentle wash with diluted MP Paints Chestnut Brown Ink 

(c) Daylight bulb ... top tile is original cartridge, bottom tile is fully-purged replacement ink

(d) Flash ... top tile is original cartridge, bottom tile is fully-purged replacement ink

Of course, on a bigger project (perhaps all projects !!!), balancing at the printing stage is the best approach.

I will purchase authentic, Canon, cartridges, for low-volume, color-accurate work, and use the old one, for bulk, refill work, correcting the balance, at printing.


I did experience a little striping, due to head-clogging, with these inks, but that was easily-fixed (as I usually do, colour or black), by notching-up the printing density, from 'Standard' to 'High'; looks the same, but no striping.

Colour-Balancing Using Software

Interesting post, here.

With my present set-up, I find reducing the cyan setting, to taste (usually between -5 and -15), in the printing software, will correct any imbalances. Indeed, I fine-tune large grey areas, to taste, this way, too ...

(Daylight bulb, no flash)
More to follow


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