Sunday, 9 September 2012

In The Table

Building Sectional Terrain, part two
Building Sectional Terrain, part 1

Muddy The Waters

Potential Replacement for 'Devlan Mud': Army Painter Strong Tone Ink


A tank battle by way of a rules test

1500pts IG vs Orks: The Emperor's Will

MicroWorld Games, Walkers

Urban Mammoth, Neo-Iskandrian Starter Strike Team

Operation Cromwell Practice

Saxon Heroes released!

Tuesday Main Event - Dreamer v Mei Feng
Hoffman - a discussion of his crew

One Force squad 1 ready for the table

I have a Plan

15mm Macedonian Skirmishers
15mm Macedonian Hypaspists

NOVA Open: Post-game

Tzeentch Renegades - Cultist squads painted

Busto Cyborg Woman Lyra-Fotos Fnales-J.D.M.L. 

Dark Vengeance Librarian Conversion to Rune Priest 

More French additions...

Neapolitan Veliti della Guardia Masters ready

(9/5/2012) Dacian 9th Veterans

Kneeling Highlander Legs added to the store!

Completed - Austrian 1st Uhlan Regiment 'Schwarzenberg'

Imperial Victory on Denari!

Tyranids at NOVA 2012

Pax Bochemannica

(Orc Month) Fantasy Forge Orcs

Warmachine Protectorate of Menoth Avatar

Legion of Everblight: Starting with the Carnivean

Saladin, Master Strategost of Haqqislam

Infinity Naffatun

Studio Miniatures' Zombies 16 - U.S. Army Soldiers

Finished: Imperial Fists Wave Three

Painting Levels

Khador Conquest

 Rot and nuts

Finished the 1/1200 scale port

Some notes on 15mm DOE assembly
DOE gunship, first preview of the resin casting

Check It Out

How to make a guard checkpoint

CMON Lovelies

CMON Shop Update: In Living Color!
CMON Shop Update: Enigma Resurfaced!
Dark Eldar Treasure Hunters
Dark Angels grand master Azrael
Angels Solaris Storm Raven
Carlos peinted by dre4mit
Dark Angels Terminator Hero
Monster Of Nosferatu (Ammon Miniatures)
Dark Eldar Urien Rakrath
Relic Knights Kickstarter 6 hour countdown! New secret stretch goal!
Warning! End of Relic Knights Kickstarter Approaching! Also... Boss!
Dungeon of skulls
1990 Marauder Giant
Pie Clown
Troll Warrior - GD Germany 2012 Finalist.
Boba Fett bust - Repainted toy - ON EBAY
Champion of Khorn 2 Other perspectives