Wednesday, 8 August 2012

CMON Lovelies

Relic Knights Kickstarter begins!
Denise in bondage
Cygnar Army

Storming (bumped for addage)

Building a Pre Heresy Storm Bird, Part 1. Luna Wolves
Building a Pre Heresy Storm Bird, Part 2. Luna Wolves
Building a Pre Heresy Storm Bird, Part 3. Luna Wolves 

It's A Track !!!

Baslisk Tank Project #1 Track Guards

On Your Bum

Medieval Village Diorama Part 6

Has Landed

Unbox- Storm Eagle

Jupiter !!! (bumped for addage)

J2 FlightLog 26: Overview 1/5
J2 FlightLog 26: Overview 2/5
J2 FlightLog 26: Lighting Notes 3/5

Hobbing Ponderings

AGP Masterpiece Gallery: Tolan, Male Druid

Warboss Around Town - Ramble Vid

I'm slightly excited about Dropzone Commander

Choas warhound titan complete 1080p

Testor's ScaleWorkshop No. 93 - The Western Canadian Regional Model Contest 2012

IS:LITH Episode 1

What's the Latest for Haqqislam? 
What's New for the Ariadna in the Latest Infinity Book?
How Yu Jing fare in the new Infinity Campaign Book
What's New for PanOceania in the Infinity Campaign Book

Desert terrain making

Tubie or not Tubie!

Win a Forge World Warhound Titan!! Worthy Painting

Bonneville Update, Tuesday, Aug 7th 2012

Episode 16 Part 2

Wahammer Joey # 35: Dice & Dagger 1000 Point Tournament

WarGamerGirl: 1000 Subscriber Contest

Voices of Mars - Wargamer on a Budget Ep. 5 - Truth About Free Shipping 

Sticky Subject

TerranScapes - Hot Wire Foam Factory Adhesives Review


PSA - Removing paint from minis


Instant Weathering Decals