Sunday, 26 August 2012

Colonel's Cardstocking Compendium !!! (Part 16)

(N): Dressing Surfaces With Different Textures

(a) 26/08/2012

As we should all know, Computer-Assisted Modelling allows us to apply textures/maps to surfaces (and I will be discussing this, later), but, as an old-school modeller, at heart, I like to dress, manually, on occasion :)

In the creation and convertion of the UD12 Chickenhawk (Ariadna Nival Camo) from the excellent Toposolitario, I decided I wanted this version, to be a weapon-equipped transport, and to have a tail fin, as the original looks a little flat, there ...

Here is a mock-up (with a tad, too big a tail !!!) ...

I have been searching, high and low, for suitable models and, as is sometimes the case, a wonderful gift arrives, like this 'smallish version, of a science fiction, flying vehicle' ...

Blood Ravens Stormtalon paper model

Papercraft Stormtalon

40k flyers Raven Stormtalon Hellblade

Not only does it have linked cannons, to die for, the tail fin (with a little modding) is perfect, in size and style.

My version will also have missile pods, too, but I will come to those, later (Hernaldo's version, or from a Patoroch kit).

The Dressing

This technique works for any printed texture, of course, but, I will be dressing it with that of the original (which is light and subtle, as I printed it that way) ...

The coloured part of Hernaldo's kit, is on the right, and the part I need (printed grayscale, to save colour ink), cropped, is on the left ...

I will dress each panel, leaving the line detail as 'embossing' ...

To be continued

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