Wednesday, 25 July 2012


Painting Preds: The first "How to" page created
Step By Step: Painting a Predator

Wonderful Wappelpooree

Almost done! Final Nurgle decimator WIP images
A good solid (squishy) base... 
Preparing for glazing and tinting: more on the Nurgle Decimator
The color explosion continues: Painting the Nurgle Decimator, Part two
Did you spill something? Painting the Nurgle Decimator part one
What did I step in? A Nurgle Decimator for Games Day

Armies on Parade: Gathering the forces together
Switching to the Interior Decorator hat... 
Sneaky Snakes: Painting bases for Necropollis Knights
We have Liftoff! Moving on to Games Day!
Into the Eye of the Storm... judgement day part one
Run out to your local store and vote!
Altars, bugs and bones... more work on the ground level.
Painting by "design": more Armies on Parade Tomb Kings
The weather heats up... counting down to the Armies on Parade qualifier
Fire Away! Screaming skull catapults for Armies on Parade
How's the weather? Making paper look more like stone!
Hieroglyphs in a hurry: changing on the fly again...
Ground War: painting the upper level above ground
Turning sketches into Tomb Art: Armies on Parade
Solving an Engineering problem: A Necrotect's dilemma
Above ground: constructing the upper levels of the Tomb Complex
Two minutes for boarding... the second round of painting images of the army board
Why does it always have to be snakes? Tomb Kings Armies on Parade WIP
Chairman of the Board. Painting the lower tomb level
Are you Board yet? Armies on parade display board stage one...
I love it when a plan comes together... Armies on Parade Tomb Kings
The Tainted Pharaoh: Pseusene's Fate
Home Sweet Home: the Tomb complex of the Silver Pharaoh (Armies on Parade)

Colossal Paint job... another monster complete!
Completing the sculpting of the Colossus
The horde of Wappellians grows to 200+ !! And it is appreciated
Scratch Sculpted Colossus for Armies on Parade

Painting the Hierotitan: early stages
Tipping the scales... sculpting nearly finished

Completing the Ushabti guards
More Bow Ushabti!
The first Bowshabti
More Ushabti!

Still riding hard to Armies on Parade
The Champ rides again: Tomb Kings Armies on Parade
Work in Progress: Necropolis Knights
Death Liche painted!
Rolling On! Chariots work in progress
Behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him
Charging towards the qualifier! Armies on Parade
Giddyup! Save a horse, ride a skeleton...

The Three Amigoes: Skeleton Command figures
Step by Step Skellietones...
Working through the boneyard... more skeletones!
Skeleton archers, a few test figures
A few more tidbits for the army... 
Prince Apophas, Armies on Parade final countdown!
Sneaky Snakes... Stalker WIP for Armies on Parade

Et(Settra).... Et(Settra) and so on...
Ready, get Set(tra) GO! More Tomb Kings for Armies on Parade
Sneek Peek! Introducing the Legions of the Tainted Pharaoh (Armies on Parade)

Look at the Birdie! Tomb Kings Armies on Parade

The view from above... plus extra weapon shots
Taking Flight.. More images of the finished Storm Eagle
The Eagle has Landed!!! First set of pictures
Weathering the Storm: The final weathering of the Storm Eagle
A De-facto step by step Storm Eagle: the later stages
More Spoilers... What's that in the sky?

Spoilers!! Life outside of Armies on Parade

Girls just wanna have fun

Post number 500!!!! A little window into my demented painting world...

Magnets galore: Multiple wargear for Grey Knights

Girl Power! Reprised Death Cult Assassin conversions

A very brief break from Tomb Kings...

You look like you've seen a ghost...

Seeing Red again

Before they were finished: WIP images of my Engines of the Gods

Old Time Dark Angels Chapter Master

Brooding over one's Birthday? Then and now...

Meet the South Side Soul Stealers

More Dreads...
An Ironclad alibi... An Angels Solarus dreadnought
Don't get Furious... another Angels Solarus dreadnought
Feeling blue?
Four Months, 100K! Big time thank you...

Out for a ride... Eldar jetbike

It's getting Dark out there... Dark Age Forsaken

Converted Saurus Hero

Every so often...
Why don't you Drop Dread...

Vegetarian diorama

Hey! Watch where you point that thing!

A worm in your ear... a quick Grima

Now Hiring! The Death Company

More Ken and Barbie dolls from Ilyad

Your account has been terminated.

Seeing stars: the Observatory of Meliador... lots of pictures!

Now that's one Mean Jelly Bean!

Using Reaper minis as neat LOTR stand ins

Big Momma Carnosaur! 
Ain't they cute?

Adjusting on the fly: the right to bare arms

The Three Amigoes

Would you like some weapons with that?


Lords of the flies

White out: Forgeworld Demon Prince

Really Pre Heresy Thousand Sons :-)

Unclean, Unclean!

Dante: Angels Solarus style

Yes! The Zombie Army I always wanted...