Monday, 19 September 2011


Ultramarines master
Ultramarines master of the Chapter (EBAY)

Strip, Strip-Away

How to strip paint from a plastic and metal miniature using Dettol

Just His Bag

Step by Step: How to Make Mediocre Sandbags Slowly


Paint Day @ Jeff's


Space Hulk up on Ebay

Very Nice

Skaven Warlord #2

Smoking Allowed

Tank Bustin' for Prizes

Falling For It

Fellblades - The Dark Angels
Blood and Skulls Industry

Big and Beefy

Dreamforge Leviathan Crusader arrives!

Want a Free DreadKnight?

New stuff, little update and a raffle giveaway

Creepy Mechies

3D Sci-Fi: Formicidae

27" !!!


Shippy Upgrade

Spartan Games - Uncharted Seas Relaunch Announcement

Brush On

Getting Started in Warmachine: Tier 3 – Painting

Eh, Apparently, Yes

Is that a Dragon with freakin Disintegrator Cannons on it?...

Painting Ponderings

Painting Purgatory: Picking on my own models

In The Round

Round Layout for Sale

Fill The Gap

Dark Angels Rhino Stenciling

Stand In

Flight stand construction for 15mm aircraft

Little BigGuns

Big Guns
Big Guns

Moscowification 2011

Army on a palm. (Moscow 2011) Part 1

Army on a palm. (Moscow 2011) Part 2

Army on a palm. (Moscow 2011) Part 3

Army on a palm. (Moscow 2011) Part 4

Army on a palm. (Moscow 2011) Part 5

Army on a palm. (Moscow 2011) Part 6
Army on a palm. (Moscow 2011) Part 7
Army on a palm. (Moscow 2011) Part 8
Army on a palm. (Moscow 2011) Part 9

Army on a palm. (Ending)

No YT videos, for now, it appears - subscriber list stuck

Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit

This Week in 40K Podcasting – 9/10/2011 – 9/16/2011

Putty It There

Modeling Putty Basics


Who brang all the Pie ? – Razorwing Complete.

Cracking Work

Dystopian Wars - Britannian Fleet with some 'Razzle Dazzle'

Ooooerrr Missis

The Dirty SEVEN

Bases First?

Paint for Tournaments, Part 3: Starting from the Ground Up