Tuesday, 24 January 2012

CMON Lovelies

Sessairs Archers
Who will be the next king

Blinking Good

Lighting Tutorial: 555 pros and cons
Lighting Tutorial: The 555 build up
Lighting Tutorial: 555 circuit slide show
Lighting Tutorial: Strobing the 555 timing chip

How 2

Hobby Stuff: How to Paint Citadel Tanks
Hobby Stuff: How to paint Citadel miniatures


Raging Heroes: Moloss und Minion(Musiker)


Victrix Is His

(TUS) The Austrian Infantry from Victrix Stride Boldly from the Box!


Castellan Crowe Unboxed


Wurzzag Da Great Green Prophet

Getting Village

Medieval Village 4: Crates and Barrels

Pretty Obvious How These Turn Out

How to paint the Mortis Engine? Warhammer Fantasy Vampire Counts | buypainted
How to paint the Coven Throne? Warhammer Fantasy Vampire Counts | Buypainted


MillkyWarhammer40k presents: Unboxing Finecast Sternguard


How to paint Wight King Krell old model

The Colonel Is Working The Ground

My collection of newer basing goodies is coming along nicely ..

Gale Force 9 flock, grass and foliage,
Army Painter grass tufts,
Basecrafts grass tufts (mix),
Basecrafts basing materials (mix).

Reviews, in good time.


Warhammer 40k: Necrons

Not Streaky

Painting yellow!

Keep Taking The Tablets

How to Build a Folding Warmachine Table
Folding Warmachine Table: Making a Grass Top


Hobbyist Tactics Episode 3: The Rest of the Head


Tallarn Update + Thunderwolf Cav


Step by Step: Steel NMM

Popooree (bumped for addage)

Sticking it to Jerry

Angels Sanguine Attack bike

Primary Mate Hawk

Finally painted something worthy of putting on the blog.

British Paras - third batch


Skaven Clanrats 1

Fennblades, with an added side order of rant

Black Templars

Empire Update: Second Great Cannon Finished

Partidas de Infinity de ayer en E-minis.

Blood Angels - Escouade d'Assaut n°5

The British Commanders stand ready.

Thrilling Tales - Miss Marple Wannabe

Space Wolf Terminator Lord

From IanW: Macedonian Command & Casualties (74 points)
From Curt: 28mm Napoleonic French Dragoons, 18e Regiment de Dragons (240 points)

Battle Reports: Tournament

Jarl Skudd list, 50 points

Infinity: Januar Neuheiten

Scibor: Celtic SF Bear Rider

...and with chips.

Kromlech.eu releases new Heavy Assault Vehicle Dozer Blade

Ramshackle Games Gun Mount with Shield

Army Showcase: Hammer of The Forge

After Action Report: Tournament at Gamers Sanctuary

Blood Angels (Studio Army) for sale


Carolina Comics Tournament Highlights

Gunboats for Sale

Legion of the Damned Multi Melta Legionnaire

Showcase: Salamanders Space Marines Tactical Squads

More Normans

Venusian Bombards painted

Nurgle Blight Drone

Bridgehead Secured

It Came From the Forums: Bobo's Tyranid Swarm!

Jim & Richard's Greeks v. Steve & Mike's Persians

War of 1812 Infantry

Prussian Sky Fortress

Power Swell Wolves

20mm Soviet WW2 Anti Tank Platoon Platoon...

Wybrane z tygodnia 39

For the Dark Gods...!

My Other Chaos Dwarf K'Daai Destroyer!

28mm late crusades knights

Can the Eldar be viable?

Game Table Setup -Sneak Peak

Blood Angels Dreadnought - finished model

Drugi Warszawski Turniej OiM / Second Warsaw BF&S Tournament

Recently painted No 48 NYW - Coy's Horse

Maiwand Saturday @ COLONIAL BARRACKS (7 of 7

My 5 Favourite Minis

Powder Smoke Over Belmont

FoW Soviet Tankovy all painted up!