Monday, 16 April 2012

Zing !!!

Super Semi Zinger part 2: Getting ready for the Alclad...
Super Semi Zinger: Contest entry for the big spring contest


Celestisches Orkanium / Luminarium des Hysh des Imperiums ausgepackt

The Inquisitor Calls

Pig Iron Kolony Rebels Review

Beastly Reviews

Late War British Troops from Warlord
Battlefield in a Box Rocky Outcrops from GaleForce Nine
Warriors of Harad From Lord of the Rings


CustomTerrain Conversions H 264 Youtube HD

On The Rack

The Rack: Assembly Instructions Straight Section, Large, Paints & 2 Drawers
The Rack: Assembly Instructions Rare Earth Magnet application to your modular units
The Rack: Assembly Instructions Straight Section, Small, Tool Rack
The Rack: Assembly Instructions Internal 90° Corner Unit
The Rack: Assembly Instructions External 90° Corner Unit


Zombicide miniatures

Little Piggies

Weathering Pigments- Part 1
Weathering Pigments- Part 2


Color blends part 2
Color blends part 1

Teutonic Shake

Miniature Review - Fireforge Games 28mm Plastic Teutonic Knights


Conversion Nurgle Dreadnought – BattleField Berlin

Rabbit, Rabbit, More Paint

This Week in 40K Podcasting – 4/6/2012 – 4/12/2012

Like It Says On The Tin

Paint Remover

Popooree - Incoming, I Need More Refill !!!

You Shall Not Pass! Apocalypse Sized Fortress

Sweet- Aliens Movie Styled Tyranids Army

Atalanta, Amazons, an Egyptian, and Dogs

Merican Lancers Dropsite Valkryie

LPL Season 6, Rnd 7. Appendix N Fantasy

Acheson Creations has new Wheelie Bin terrain

Najewitz Modellbau has new Normandy Barn

The Word is Lord!

Albino Saurus Hero Finished

Blood of Prom Kings Vlad!

5 and a Wake-up

Obliterators Complete

Pre Heresy Alpha Legion Army

8000pt Flames of War Battle Report

Anglo-Scots Addendum

Repainting prepainted dinosaurs

A better picture of the army than the last, 2800pts now.

Conquest Games Converted Crusaders ... Last unit for Adepticon

Greetz from Graz

A weekend of Gaming at Vonwar, And a big grin from ear to ear!

Blue Beetle and Captain Britain action figures

Open War Painting Competition (pic heavy)

Popooree Refill (bumped for addage !!!)

Hellana 2012: a report

Kolony Rebel pics and fiction

15mm Nine Years War Game using Beneath the Lily Banners Rules.

54mm Black Orc Warboss custom sculpt (Completed!)

Adepticon 2012 Army Blog Pt... DONE!
Adepticon 2012 Army - Munchy Gutsmen and the Holy Gristle    

FfoL: Horse and Musket Play Test

Extreme High Elf gate!

Wethau (IV) The fight near the bridge

9th Lancers in Afghanistan -- and a brief increase in scale...

Organising Tournaments Is It Worth It, Because For Me It's A Natural Extension Of My Hobby

Recently completed.

RECRUITS revisited

Mariners Blight Lord Commander Obeddon Marsh

Terrain: Vehicle Craters

Come and say "Hi" to the SO: Killzone crew at Adepticon!

Ludenkopf 1982 - a Modern Spearhead action

Green Flares over the Netherlands

Eden : Boris et Source pure

Exposição/Concurso Escala 2012

Chaos Squats Hero on Black Shadow: Taming the Rust Monster

Land Raider Helios completed pics

Deathwatch vs the Wyrm of Porphyria Delta

Thralls and the Wraith Witch

Project: Battlescape

The Growing Fleet
Turning into dust

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Mercer Canoptek Spyders done!

Schilling Zinnfiguren - review

Clearing the Nile 1884 - Relief of Gordon

Dave's Games Ruined Longhouse

More Romans and a few hairy Celts!

FOR SALE: Bavarian Infantry Regt. Minucci

Wojtek the soldier bear - FoW objective marker

Tabletop Art - New Candle Set

Urban Mammoth - New Releases

Anvil Industry - Exorcist Asssault Rifle Preview

Greebo Miniatures - More April Releases

Titan Forge - Demon Slayers Preview

Painting Table Update: Exchange Minis

Omówienie zestawu "Early War Polish Infantry Boxed Set" produkcji Warlord Games

HAWKs Host Games at Har-Con

Cracking the Swamp Horror

High Elf Sword Masters

Adeptus Custodes army finished

Heresy Era World Eaters - Angron painted

Showcase: Blood Bowl Treeman plus Team

Showcase: Thousand Sons Contemptor

Showcase: Tyranid Red Terror Conversion

Showcase: Crimson Fists Dreadnought

Showcase: Sorrowshard's Space Wolves Army (for sale)

Showcase: Crimson Fists Champion