Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Dreadful day

Nurgle Dreadnought mkII Forgeworld

Few better

Shield with freehand and weathering - tutorial

Well, Hello

Chasseur: Award Infinity Tournament System 2010-2011

Again, wonderful

Knight Hospitaller, XIII Century

I like dread

Awesome News for Spearhead; your Dreadnoughts

First I have seen painted by a hobby guy

Caestus Assault Ram

It's all magnets, these days

My first steps using magnets to customize my STC tanks
Magnetizing my STC weapons STC magnetics Part 2.

Rob does terrain

Privateer Insider

Not that chaotic

New Mini for sale! Chaos Warrior Champion!

Eh, now what's that all about?

Wyrd Feb Releases - Pictures

I like these guns ...