Monday, 7 March 2011

Oy ... it's that stuff again ...

Commander Dante ~ Working with Oyumaru

Just Right

Imperial Fists Predator

Look At Me !!!

Castellan Knight (40mm) (Limited to 300)
Kabuki Miniatures

Lovely Packs

Angelic Host Day 5: Golden Brown

Looks like I feel


It's a jungle in there

One large project…the jungle

More rack rackets

Paint Storage - Video Response for Les (

Lights for the light ...

Stormraven x3 done!!!

More red for the red ...

Blood Angel Red Tutorial with GW colours only. 

Flagging another up

Tutorial - How to build up a flag

Red is the colour, marines are the game

Red can be an elusive color to get right

You got the sand?

DFG Painting Challenge!

Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit

Podcasts - Airwave Worthy: The 11th Company

10,000 Reads, Special Thread, From The Colonel - The Making (Part 1)

Just a teaser, as I sort out the camera situation (!) ...

Details to follow.

10,000 Reads, Special Thread, From The Colonel - The Prelude (Part 4)

Here is the test piece, finished, sufficiently, to be used for illustration ...

Details to follow.

Perfect Chaos

Pict Gallery : Chaos Marines by Bohun
Bohun's Gallery