Monday, 28 May 2012

Palm It Off

Palm Trees ( "scratch Built" )

Fields Of Fire

What I did with a little spare time up my sleeve - Wheat Fields


Custom Cast Canards
Thunderhawk Scratch Build


I'm back and yes I am alive

Get A Wash

Devlan Mud and Badab Black wash replacement


Chat: Miniature Photography

Popooree Refill

OGRE Miniatures - Basic scenario set painted

Claiming Back the Jungle - Part Two: A Tactical Misstep

ESCI Panzerflammwagen III Conversion

Polish-Lithuanian Volunteer squadron (BF&S)

Vengeance of the Men of Stone
Massacre at River's Side
Massacre of the Men of Stone

Sporecon 2012 - Singapore's Annual Gaming Convention

IR52 Bethlen

Italian Hill tribesmen finished

de Havilland DH. 82 C Tiger Moth

Showcase: Grey Knight Purifers

Enfilade! 2012 - Photo Wrap Up

Good Sense Prevails

Warhammer : Rounding off

(5/27/12) Wargames Con Charity Pirates

Apocalator: Heavy fighter
Apocalators: Knifer Adam and arena official
Apocalators: Knife fighter Eve

Scratch-built pre-dread squadron

Brink of Battle Fantasy Play Test Pics!

1st Edition 40k

West Wind Biker Gang 02 

Gladius Class Frigate Squadron

The Marshall of Burgundy

Hard Times in Fort Belmont


Grenadier 2012

When all this was fields


Mantic Games - New Abyssal Dwarves Releases

Operation Sealion AAR: Besieged

Games Workshop Goblins for Hordes of the Things

Ogre Bull Unit Completed

Venom Mark I Retrofitted

Sporecon 2012 Day 1 game 1

Vittorio Morbius, por Pedro Fernández