Thursday, 5 May 2011

Daily Fibre

Tutorial ~ Illuminating a Warhammer 40K tank ~ Installation of l.e.d and fibre optic wire ~ Part 2

Skin 'Em

Casting and skinning Flex Foam

Not The Others

Lannister Lady in Waiting # 1

Gunning for Glory

Gun Turrets 2 

Hehe - Wonderful Tribute to The Master

Time Spent Painting----armies vs. time vs. quality vs. kids vs. wife vs....

More goodies

AMT 2011 (V) Figuras Basajaun, Jaramillo, Fernando

Take care of the pennies ...

Gaming on a Budget: Using Paint Pots

Titanic closures approach

Phantom Titan build pt 8: Painting (i)

WHx2 Pt 6 (Torso, Back, and Turbo Lasers)

Emperor Battle Titan, part 8

Deserted in a good way

Final Pieces for the Desert Table 

Typical gaming night

Games Workshop in Ruins!


Dioramas Albuera

For those about to build ...

exposicion dioramas en la Albuera

Gigantic Loveliness

Shoot the Big Ones!

Nice and Nasty

Nurgle Firepower..... dreadnought style

Pics, pics, pics

Herzog von Bayern 2011

Drop what you are doing

Elysian Tauros Assault Vehicle

Everything really worth knowing, I learned from ...

Happy Day Guys.

Sticky Business Revisted

l, Miniature Assembly - Glues - Cyano Who ?

I Like Him!

LITTLE Knight - new model from Runic Miniatures

Look fine to me

Cheap & easy me, painting plastics and basing


AMT 2011 (IV) Figuras Julio Cabos


Tercio Creativo - New Miniatures and Token
Tercio Creativo: Neue Minis im Shop

Gunning for Glory

Gun Turrets 1 

Snow Joke

Secret Weapon Scenics: Crushed Glass

Tough Cooky

The proverbial can of…  Humbrol enamel varnish (Code No. 49)


Back in Mordor (III) - Andrea Red


Victim of Chaos

Blazingly Lovely

Warmachine Constance Blaize preview