Thursday, 5 July 2012

Promethias 40k - Part 2 - Juices And Tentacles

Tentacular additions, oozy basing and melding (Instant Filler and Silver Grey Milliput) (clicky for biggy) ...

Tentacle heads and egg, pointy-bits 'teeth', next.

Popooree Refill

Mas fotos del Games Day 2012 ES
Fotos del Games Day 2012

Disformes y grotescos(O no tanto)

Las miniaturas de Inquisitor de Roy Morris

A patient revisited
Inquisitor 28: Enoch 451 & Molotov XXVIII – two souls in purgatory

Beast of Pestilence ... 20€
Vampire Lord ... 8€ (available 1 September)
Dryad ... 8€
Star player human "Super-star" ... 8€
Golem 2 ... 10€

Tablero "Star Gate" para Inquisitor

El señor de los marines del caos de J.Goowin

Bob Naismith


Zone of Confusion
Close the blast doors
Tread softy and carry a big spraygun

Now That's One I Really Want

40k Starter Set contents leaked
40K 6E Starter Set, More content details
Official Warseer 6th Ed Starter Set Thread


Army Showcase Part VI: The Imperial Fleet

Introducing the Stormclaw

Voila du lourd...

Bow's n Roses - Phase 6

Austrian Hard-Nuts (or, Kan't Kwite Krack the Kaiserliks!)

"Modern Warfake", por Dragonsland

Star Trek Lighter Units

Vampire Counts: Corpse Cart & Necromancer

Kill Bursta

Incursio Barbarica 14
Incursio Barbarica 13

WW2: Eviction Notice

Worthy Painting now Official Painting Studio of DeepWars

More painted Dust Tactics Squads

Red Scorpions army on ebay

CMON Lovelies

Brom, Hard Bark
Doctor John Watson (Details) - Infamy Miniatures
Dark Elf


Miniature Painting 101 - Part 5 - How to Prepare Plastic Miniatures

For Them

Tau Battlesuit Conversion (Part 1)