Wednesday, 24 August 2011

The Colonel Shoots, The Colonel Scores !!! (Part 1)

And the twitter-winner is...

Shofer :) ... I have plumped for the Dystopian Wars package ...

Dystopian Wars Rulebook and pre-release French Magenta Class Battleship
from Spartan Games (GenCon Exclusives 2011)

Très Magnifique !!!

Magenta Goes to Gen Con
Dystopian Wars, Magenta Class Battleship

TY TableTop Fix !!! :) :) :) (sorry for the postage :( ... I can help out a little on that if you wish ;) ).


Angel Barracks


My spray booth I'm building

Hobbycribs - Beat that for length

Keiser's Hobbies


Test Figures... Are They Necessary?


Relevant to my interests

Rack 'em up

New: Paint Racks!

Selection Box

Pudełko do figurek | Figure box


I Am Ashamed Of My Workspace

Triffic Army


Too witty

Ordinary Wizarding Levels

... and beyond

Infinity August 2011 releases


The Return Of The Warlord...

Blogger Search is Rubbish

I like Blogger, it allows me to do what I want, quickly and for free ... but the search routine is pants.

I now use this better method ...

By right-clicking (or left, to use this window) on the link, above, and selecting 'Open Link in New Tab/Window', whatever, you can have a URL search window to carry out searches to your heart's desire.

If you want to see the 'advanced functions', then go here for a great tutorial ...

URL based search

It is still not 100% successful (e.g. misses labels).

The best way, of all, is to go to Google and search Colonel Shofer Searchterm

Mad, but true (roll eyes). I hope this helps.

Big and Hungry

Games Workshop - New Ogre Pictures and Artwork (via Ogre Stronghold)

Spring in your sword

Converting A Model To Fit A Theme: Sword Knight Journeyman Warcaster


Tutorial: Advanced – Object-Source Lighting

Brush with life

Winsor Newton Series 7, worth the dough?