Friday, 29 June 2012

6th Edition 40k - Who/What Is This Guy?

6th Edition Collector's Edition Cover

(we know he is a 'Space Marine Hero', along with Calgar etc.)



CMON Lovelies

Veteran Trooper
Dryad bust
The invocation of demonic entities
Tau Pathfinder Shas'Ui
Roi des morts

Thag Goodness

A Beginner’s Guide to Conversion – Epic Thagrosh

Damp Faces

A Beginner’s Guide to Wet Palattes – Painting Faces
A Beginner’s Guide to Wet Palettes – Build your own

Super Ship Shape

ATHENA - Steampunk airship (85)
Female characters for the ATHENA deck
Sir Horace - Praetorian Liaison Officer
Got a light?


Making wood themed bases is easy to do


WarGamesCon 2012 Interview with Michael Strange

Shanty Camper

Gnome Wars: The Battle of Saragarhi part 2
Gnome Wars: The Battle of Saragarhi
Gnome Wars at NJcon: Lunkhead's Brewery...

Tale Of 2 Cities - Week 3: Dirty Jon's Gepanzerte Panzergrenadierkompanie
A Tale of 2 Cities Week 3: Steven's US Rifles
Mid War US Armored Rifles vs German Armored Panzergrenadiers

High Elf Army display board: the Gates
High Elf Secluded Harbor display board

New Table: The Crystal Desert


'nids part 42 - Tyranid Warrior to Hive Guard conversion pt4.

Syracusans vs Senones Solo

Nosferatu Clan Thrall servants and group picture

Thoughts on the new Spartan Assault Tank

In His Hands

On the Desk


On the Desk: Kris' Vlog 3 - Part 1/3
On the Desk: Kris' Vlog 3 - Part 2/3
On the Desk: Kris' Vlog 3 - Part 3/3


Pegasus Hobbies Gothic Building Set 1 Unboxing
Pegasus Hobbies Gothic Runis Unboxing

Yay !!!

Lets Build a: Mastadon Part One

Chubby Thunder

Fat Dragon Games Ultimate Dice Tower Product Review

Beastly Looks

Dark Eldar Hellions
Chaos Space Marine Vindicator
Sensational Shaolin & Cool New INFINITY Models for June 2012
Tabletop Nation Gaming Centre Opening September 2012

Stoney Look

Wargamepainting faceTube wargaming vid


ICM 1/48 LaGG-3 Part 2 - Winter Distemper
ICM 1/48 LaGG-3 Part 1 - The Build

Chips On Shoulders

How to make realistic rust and paint chips