Friday, 4 November 2011


Sphere Wars - New Neonatos Artwork

Very Nice

Thomarillion - New Buildings

Ah So Good

Tsuba Miniatures - WWII Japanese Infantry

Ah, A Little Fave

15mm Afrika Korps PzKpfw II


Getting Back in the Groove/ A Review of Some Tiny Tanks


The castle and the glacier

Daboyzification 2011

Various Pictures at Da Boyz


28mm WW1 Germans based finished


A lovely Greek, Zombies, covert work painting and marriage is like a deck of cards.....

Blackness Arrives

Necron Second Wave Pics

If You Want To

Blogging Tips: A Faster Loading Site (Part 1)
Blogging Tips: A Faster Loading Site (Part 2)
Blogging Tips: A Faster Loading Site (Part 3)

Hobbing Ponderings

What's the deal with miniature wargaming?

Prepare To Unload

The Necrons are almost here, prepare to upload your photos!

Brushing Up

Review: RDG Tools Airbrush and Compressor

Just For Show

Showcase: Salamanders and Blood Angels Chaplains!
Showcase: Grey Knights Contemptor Pattern Dreadnought
Showcase: Skaven Warpfire Thrower Weapon Team


A.P.O : Firestorm Armada, épisode 3.

Get To The Paintbrush

Unpainted Finished Scratch Built Space Marine Predator

Poor Old Cow

Udderly ridiculous!

Be What You Want To Be

CapsuleBot Blank Resin Kits available now!

Fall Back Release New Basing Kit

Where Angels ...

Tutorial: Bregan's base

That 'Aint Nothin'

MkIc Deimos Pattern Rhino

Check out some of The Colonel's WIP Laurentix Pattern hardware (taken 24/03/05) ...

Soon Be Snapping Those Finecast Minis ... not me, of course

Autodesk bringing 3D modeling to the masses
Autodesk 123D – Personal Fabrication, 3D Printing, and Making Products and Services
123D Make Technology Preview


Fantasy Art: Out of Hell
Action Art: Dragon Killer
Wallpaper: Dark Angel


My Finecast Explorations and hints to work with


Grey Knights: Update & Draigo Conversion

Great Warmachine Intro

It’s a War Thing

Cutie Pie ... Minis Too ;)

Suicide Queen and Rollo


Mr Nurgle

Nurgle Dreadnought

Golden Experiment

The Great Gold Rush! ...a Quest for the best Gold

Basically Putty

Green Stuff Basics



Grassy Something

Mountain Summit

Cold Blast

Falkar Nordic Warrior

Bits and Pieces

ANATOMY IMAGES (some nudity)