Thursday, 13 September 2012

CMON Lovelies

CMON Shop Update: 6 new Limited Edition Resins from Wrath of Kings!
CMON Shop Update: ZOMBICIDE!!!
Abyssal Warlord
Brock the Wanderer
Firefall Thumper for Red 5 Studios
Rataxes - Rhinotaurus
Lord of Tzeentch on Disc
Forge Guardians
Runed Demon


How to paint a Scibor Mech

Kick It

Effigy Miniatures - Havoc Protocol Sci-Fi Miniatures
Havoc Protocol - Kickstarter Pitch Video (Effigy Miniatures)


Studio Update - Autumn Set

A1 Casting Call

Casting with Liquid Blu-Stuff

Worthy Shop (bumped for addage)

WorthyGames Opening Day
Studio Update, A look around! Worthy Painting
Joeyberry: Worthy Painting's Store Opening 
Joeyberry; Exclusive Interview with Gavin from TorGaming's Relics
Studio Update, Necrons!!!!!! Worthy Painting 


Malifaux Lazarus Unboxing


Unbox unbox Rune Giant and more

Weld I Never

Quick Tip: Weld Seams

Sling Him A Fig

4,20 + Zero Painting Commission Contest

Themeoooowooo !!!

Full: How To Paint Space Wolves Theme1
Short: How To Paint Space Wolves Theme1


Doomshaper Tier 4 | Trollbloods | Hordes | Privateer Press | RHQ-TV Ep 120


Plague Demon from Ultraforge (Unboxing)

Core !!!

Imperial Guard Manticore Unboxed


Dark Vengeance - Kranon the Relentless - Crimson Slaughter


DRAGON 1/700 USS Lexington CV-16 - A Building Review


warhammer how to make a light up smoke marker

Bloody Ironing

Blood and Iron 


War Gaming Give Away! Subscriber appreciation for October. My thanks to you
War gaming give away! Time for the draw!! Good luck everyone

Lootendous (bumped for done)

Warhammer 40k Ork Looted Wagon
40k Ork Looted Wagon complete


Kings of War Kickstarter Box Opening Thanks Ronnie and Joe