Friday, 20 January 2012

Conny Ponderings

Hobby Focus: Conversions that capture a feeling

Popooree (bumped for addage)

19 of 666 - Mortis Engine

Blogging All Week Day 5! Kor'sarro Khan complete

Skaven Clanrats[4]

America! Heck Yeah! Axis and Allies Anniversary edition

Zealand (Sjaellandske)

Heavy Gear Blitz: Sampson Hover APC

Aslan's Asskickers: Team Photos

Back Of Beyond Game (1)

Dragoons, Zombies, WWWI, Musketeers, Robots, Casualty Fail, etc...

Ebon Crows (03 MB)- project completion

Hotz Mats Releases Felt River Systems

TMTerrain Blog Update



Showcase: Pre-Heresy Thousand Sons Assault

Incredible Dark Angels Chapter: 40k Scale!!

From KentG: 28mm Normans (385 points)

Battle of Tarsis IX

15mm French Fusiliers-Voltigeurs platoon

Daemons Based! Army WIP

Murder Factory - Reno/Sparks Nevada

Fimir - Albion Chariot


Scarabs done, Caledonian here I come!

Merican Lancers Tank #3 finished

Friday Showcase - Wolves of Orboros

Heresy Era Thousand Sons - A whole mess of infantry painted!

Soldier Size

6x6 comparisons...

Snow Joke

Basing with Snow


Secret Weapon Miniatures: Brass Etch Razor Wire


Painting Class Review - Hamburg


Speeding Up Painting


Fantasy Art: Before the battle

Brush On

Paint Brush Review - Winsor & Newton Series 7


Gruntz Imperator Mech


Flames of War: Stripping Figures

Casting Call

40mm Casting Report 3 - Creartec


Concept Art: Wind

Very Nice

Chateau médiéval - 25mm


The Big Game - Mantis Warriors Stormraven and Master of the Forge


Dominique Buraud

Aims And

Privateer Press Objective Markers

Basically Crafty

Basecraft Products
Basecrafts - Glitter Rock Product

A Ding Dong

How to Paint Finecast Isabella von Carstein 3 of 3 - ANNOTATIONS COMING SOON!!!!!
Finecast Isabella Tutorial Part 2 of 3
Finecast Isabella Painting Tutorial - CURSE YOU, YOUTUBE!

In His Stride

Total War 133 Un-Boxing Amakudari Strider



Model Video

IMPROVE YOUR MODELS: F.A.Q. 2 by Mig Jimenez