Tuesday, 19 April 2011

You would probably had to have been on the Moon, but all is good ...

An Introduction to Warhammer 40k

You don't see many of these around

Bestmen army

Brother Vinni - Really!!!

Female Comissar from Brother Vinni

Busy time at CMON

CMON Shop Update: Arax, female beastman and other back in stock!


CMON Shop Update: Draconia Miniatures restocked!

CMON Shop Update: Last chance for Super Dungeon Explore Promo minis!

Think you are a modeller? Eeek.

The “Spanish adversary” work: Fujimi 1/72
Detailing a Fujimi F-18 1/72 (Part III)


Gaming Trees On A Budget

Excellent painting resource and research

Paints, Color Equivalence Charts, and Mixing your own Citadel Colors

Don't be bored, build a ...

Building a terrain board in four days

Some interesting conversions WIP

Some interesting conversions WIP

Usual Fab from Ángel

FCC Team

Tom, Dick and Harry Vallejo


Very nice

First Wraithlord

BadAs* War

Competition Finalists!

Oh Brother!

Grey Knight Terminator Brother Bethor

Castles, Zouaves and The Colonel's Lucky Day !!! (Part 2)

All present and very correct Sir, thank you very much :)

Will build them in the next day or two ...

An American Civil War starter

An End to Innocence

American Civil War Zouaves 1861-1865
American Civil War Zouaves 1861-1865

53rd New York Volunteers Officer (DEpineuil Zouaves) 1861 by Richard Knotel

The Lonesome Death of Eugene Pearce, Part Two
The 5th New York Volunteer Infantry
5th New York
5th New York Regiment!
Second Battle of Manassas
The Second Battle of Bull Run or Second Manassas

"The Zouave regiments had been wearing bright red and blue uniforms, and one of Hood's officers wrote that the bodies laying on the hill reminded him of the Texas countryside when the wildflowers were in bloom."

5th New York Volunteer Infantry (Duryee's Zouaves) at the battle of Second Manassas (2nd Bull Run)
The Battle of Manassas/Bull Run (Second)August 28-30, 1862 in Manassas, Virginia

American Civil War Zouaves in Fez or Tassled Cap
American Civil War Zouaves in Kepi
Maryland Guard Zouaves of the Confederate Army, 1861–1865
American Civil War Zouave
The Salem Zouaves, Company I, 8th Massachusetts Militia, 1861

Thank you again, friend.

Wet blending not required

Captain's Log... Picture Day...

All his budget bases ...

Sand and Glue, cheap basing 


"William Wallace", por Pedro Fernández


Workbench Update 18/4

A little blurry, but very nice work

Chiaroscuro + OTL attempt 3#