Friday, 31 December 2010

Lovely, new, conversion toys for my Dream Reaper characters, soon ...

Khopesh Vibro Swords

Church on wheels - me like

Land Raider "Cathedral" update, and some other stuff ;)

1/1/11 - Freaky


Bjorn For The Win!!! (Part 1)

What has been the MOCDMB's 'most popular' post, thus far?

Bjorn The Fell-Handed makes me strong

Maybe the title suggests a way of upping his ante in the game ;) (BTW, the post don't).

Better get on with the good old boy ...

Making a wet palette.....and why, from MM

Making a wet palette.....and why

Another approach (and, yes, they may be combined) ...

My Experiences with Acrylic Retarder

... and, since we are on such things ...

Flow Improver, Acrylic Retarder and their uses
The Art of Thinning Acrylic Paints

1 Minute Tip - Wet Palette!

Stormraven and Furioso 'confirmed'

Stormraven Hands On and Furioso Dreadnought plastic sprue