Sunday, 6 February 2011

Korvydaeophiles Unite

Captain Korvydae Finished

Pedrophiles Unite

Pedro Kantor of the Crimson Fists

Pics need some work, but ...

New Instant Mold trial...

Dreadly Wonderful

Ultramarines Venerable Dreadnought - GD2010 Finalist

Light up my life

Stormraven WIP after 21 hours

Drops for the Drop God

Painting Blood Drops, Vid 87

The voyeur in me loves a ...

Hobby Room Tour

Pinning miniatures to bases, a more expensive way

Pinning Warhammer Miniatures

Smile Please

How to build a photo box

That is what I like to see

40k Terrain Imperial Guard Command Posts

Always good under the couch

A little more arm work on the Sternguard this morning.