Friday, 22 April 2011

Bits and Bots

Stripping Chrome Parts, Painting Realistic Wood Grain & Ma.K. Krote Review

Hobby Philosophy Corner

Ask a Painter: On Paints and (Air)brushes

Hobbycribs - Plagiarism?


Instant Terrain

Rock Pass MIX SET III Scenery Terrain

Last Count $801.41 the swamps of nurgle!

Vrrrrooommm!!!! - Eve 9 now available


Exams are over! Dreadknight is here.

Superb Heads-Up ... so that is who it is!!!

It Came From The Forums: Amazing Grey Knights by BulldogUK!

Smile Please

MONSTERS: GRIZZOUGHT Completed Sculpture Preview


Different tools for sponge weathering

Really Crate

Gaming on a Budget: See Deez Craterz

Copy a Cape

Cape: Step to Step 

Someone ask for a stripper?

Workbench: Renovating old miniatures