Saturday, 5 May 2012

The Colonel's Thunderwolves (Part 9) - Basing, Bending and Bodies

Quick update ...

Core bases, on the bench (need 12, in all, but I am doing 15, as I am on a roll ;)).

There will be 10 Trooper wolves, and two Lord/Canus models.

Some legs and the heads will be converted, later.

Sanding, sticking, twisting, bending, filling and starting to work on fitting and casting rider legs ...

Mix It Up

The Army Painter has pdf paint mixing guide online

Kick The Bricks

Modest Magic's Modular Terrain
Modest Magic Modular Terrain up on Kickstarter


Popooree Refill

Raccolor-Art has new Orc Crusher

Ghoul - rzeźnik

Thunder Punch! (with a look at the adepticon FW skin wolf model!)

Mega Man – Apothiosis

Popooree (pumped for addage)

Ito II

The Bonaparte of Crime

Blood Bowl Amazons... a blast from the past!

Sculpted base designs

Forgeworld Theodore Brucker on foot

 Scratch built buildings


Le Fléau


Science Fiction Frontier Defense Force

Leviathan by Privateer Press

Hans Goerth, Marine Feld Jasta III - Completed

Air Armada!

French Napoleonic Hussars Part 8 (Perry Plastic 28mm)

 Khador Kommander Strakhov painted by DC23

Alastriel Elf Sorceress painted by JUNEX

Khador Black Ivan Character Warjack…

Legion of Everblight (3): Deathstalkers and Forsaken

Warhammer fantasy battle - Skaven

M24 Chaffee - 1/144

40k Friday

Skegbur, krasnoludzki górnik i wojownik klanowy

Fenrisian Wolves for Dark Riders


Berks Spring Assault 3! Results!



Initiation ECW 
Il y a deux mois au club de la Rathelot

This week on CBT CPT 5/4/12

Dreadfleet – Black Kraken

Vlad “Dracul”.

Armorcast Warhound, Part 4


Wallpaper: Carnage


Five months on ... and I am finished ... for the time being!

CMON Lovelies

Necron Canoptek Wraiths (Cyber Arthropod Squad from PUPPETS WAR)
Mon-Keigh, that's not for you!
Last Butterfly - Happy Monk



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