Thursday, 24 May 2012


Warhound Titan stage:One


Smoke Effects: Made Easy, Cheap, and Fast out of LED lights




D9R Dozer details 1/72

Squadra Orchi di Ruglud

Olden Demon Entries

Some Scenery

  Partizan test shot of Queniborough

Buildings in 1/220 Scale - by Beneluxspoor

"AT-AT" de los Guerreros de Hierro

Star Wars` Rogue Squadron V-Wing Paper Model - by Imclod - via DeviantArt

Gothic Coffins Papercraft For RPG Games - by Kev`s Lounge

Dark Age Forsaken gallery #1

Slate colored Grey Knight terminators... part two
Grey Knight terminators in slate color scheme
Clean Slate: Grey Knights troops in slate color scheme

Blood Bowl dwarves using Rackham miniatures

Eyes of Autumn diorama: Dark Sword miniatures

Tainted World Eaters Rhino

Angels Solarus take flight! Speeders!

My Favorite Dark Age Mini

Teeny Tiny, but neat... Thunderbolt Mountain

Imperial Fists Pre Heresy Armor

Mysterious miniatures... Zenit?

Road to NOVA 13 Getting the Jump on things

Lt Dick Winters

Proyecto Nurgle: engendro (II)

28mm Empress Miniatures Naval Rocket Unit

Americanos para SOTR

Fenris Games

Zinge Industries

Anvil Industry new Running Steam Lord legs

Black Hat Miniatures, Goblins

Drop Zone Commander

Stormtalon, Dakkajet, Blitza-Bomba, and Burna Bomba Rules

First attempt with weathering powders

Dusty (bumped for addage)

miscellaneous: Dust Tactics - First look
miscellaneous: Dust Tactics - The Models

On The Road

TerranScapes - Four Way Intersection for Flexible Rubber Roads

Base Painted

How to make a base "Ruins" for Space Marines Dreadnought? Warhammer 40000 Buypainted

On The Throne

Episode 11

So Tru



Basing Done Easy - Tutorial

Hobby Ponderings

Les' Weekly Chat #2 5/24/2012

Your Own Home

Flames of war How to build a house


Chem-Charged Veer-Myn Night Crawlers


On the Table S4 Ep7 Win Signed 40K 5th Rulebook


Painting: Blood Angels Assault Sgt | Seven Days of Sanguinius
Painting: Blood Angel Death Company | Seven Days of Sanguinius
Build: Death Company Marine | Seven Days of Sanguinius
What's In The Box: Death Company | Seven Days of Sanguinius
What's In The Box: Sanguinary Guard | Seven Days of Sanguinius
Build: Sanguinary Guard | Seven Days of Sanguinius
Painting: Sanguinary Guard | Seven Days of Sanguinius


How I Airbrush Object Source Lighting ~ Blue Plasma Glow ~ Tutorial