Tuesday, 5 June 2012


Tuto - Consolidation de figurine
Liesl du convoi - Eden 28mm

Old And New, Tiles And Towns

Ishoo Fifty-Ate: Dark Ages Village Part Too
Ishoo Fifty-Sven: Dark Ages Village Part One
Ishoo Fifty-Nin: 15mm Sci Fi Terrain Tiles

Scratch built Saxon house


Day Of Paintenenening

Get Yer Coat

Coat D’arms Super Shader Mini-Review


Dmitry Parkin Vampire

On the Painting Table: Grey Knights Dreadknight

Zmiana planów

Two New Zealand Wars armies for ‘Sharp Practice’

Kösen 1, 2, 3, 4

Fridericus Redivivus: Italian Infantry

Bow's n Roses - Phase 5

Salamander's Sternguarf Veteran Squad!

Warzoom - Initiation au magasin !
Guerriers japonais WWII - 25mm


Urban debris & trash set

Imperial Fists — 4

German Fuel Drums

Cyborgs, Psykers and Pilots
Gangers, Adventurers and stuff

For Them

Tutorial: the Weathered Penny


Mid-Life Is The New Teens !!!

It was quiet... too quiet

TYVM Ghostin, much appreciated :)

CMON Lovelies

CMON Shop Update: Fun as Hell!
Nurgle Plague Hulk
great unclean One Greater Daemon of Nurgle
Space hulk # 2
Nazgrob Wurrzag Scrap Protector
Colossal Squig
Tara the silent

It's That Stuff Again

Review - "Instant Mold" Part 1


Rubber Molds & Green Stuff


Miniature Moulding...the Process
Sasha - Frothers' Charity Thingy - Moulded
Sasha Frother Charity mini

In Store

Storing Your Models

Heavy Man

Magnetizing: Legion of Everblight heavy warbeast kit - part #1

Dusty Tanks (bumped for addage)

Dust Tactics Heavy Panzer Walker Build Part 1
Dust Tactics Heavy Panzer Walker Build Part 2
Dust Tactics Heavy Panzer Walker Build Part 3

On It

Mantic Games ~ Warpath ~ Corporation mini starter box, lets take a look


Artificer General Nemo Storm Chaser Adept Caitlin Finch Unboxed

Tooling Up

Miniature Painting 101 - Part 1 - The Tools of the Trade


Mini Review/Unboxing Kings of War Dwarf Ironclads

Skull N'

WARA's Jeff Wolf's Tutorial Videos, on Sculpting the Horse & Human Head


Ork Bommer Unboxing
Ork Bommer Assembly
[Noticias] Unboxing de los Voladores del 40K