Sunday, 18 March 2012

Lady Luck Shines On The Colonel !!! (Part 2)

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! (Part 1).

"As it is long overdue, I shall announce the results for the
TTG Birthday Hobby Shelf Giveaway.  Winners are 1,2 and 3
in the random.orgdrawing below. Congrats to Col Shofer for 1st prize

 ... and, here is my prize, now in situ ...

Many thanks, again, for the kind generosity of James at TableTop Gaming Bunker ...

Soon, I will tell you why James (and his product) is superb and why postal services and customs are not ...


Tutorial: How to paint Eldar of Saim-Hann

Lovely Loot

Trench Loot

It's All Wolves

Hordes: Plastic Warpwolf Unboxing

Pinning For The Everglades

Assembling Captain Jonas Murdoch

Pink-Coloured Hills

Hobby: Making a Chaos Wasteland Game Table (Part 1)

Under Pressure

Mariners Blight - A Maritime Inspired Lovecraftian Chaos Marine Army

Lovely Looting (bumped for not done)

Looted Wagons 24
Looted Wagons 23
Looted Wagons 25

Popooree Refill (bumped for catch-up addage !!!)

It Came From Forge World- Boarding Marine

Modelfair in Schleißheim near Munich

Fur Mats
Furmats for 20 mm

 LPL Season 6, Round 3 Ces't la vie

Ignis Rex

The scale of Heavy Gear

News from Hank's Silistra project

1/1200 Fleet Review - Imperial Japanese Navy

Punic Wars figures painted

The Battle of Ariminum 217 BC

Assault on the Redwing Farm (AE Bounty game report for Station 42)

Landsknechci w komplecie!/ Landsknechts finished!

Ironwind Metals - New Battletech Releases

Spartan Games - Painted Dystopian War Bunkers and Towers

Anvil Industry - Re-Mastered Steam Lords

Scibor Miniatures - Easter Promo Miniature

Painting: Plaster Dragon’s Teeth; For Sale: Necron Scarabs!!

Call signs Black Dragon and Samurai
Call Signs Geisha and Tiger

From ChristopherS: 15mm Mameluks (100 points)

 Back Up The Neverwaussie

 Song of Void and Stars Playtest

Effigy Miniatures, Pilot, Recon & Hacker

 AAR - The Ides of March

Babciny piernik

 It's that time of year again... KingdomCon!

 Cold Wars: Big Game Part 4

 All Your Base...

Roman Cohort Fort for Sale

Wethau. The deployment

West Midlands Military Show 2012 - a photo report

Lathiem Oakleaf

2 days of Madness - Smart Max Competition Entries

Super Tan-Kaïr

Khador: Battle Mechanik 

Wolf Lord with Jump Pack

 Torre de filtración

Lost Reich: Mech Combat in Paper

Mansions of Madness: A few repaints


Inquisitor Lok

Grey Knights cd cd cd cd
Grey Knights Venerable Dreadnought

From JohnM: 28mm Prussian Napoleonic Infantry (120 points)

Showcase: Crimson Fists Tactical Squad
Showcase: Crimson Fists Scouts