Sunday, 18 March 2012

Popooree Refill (bumped for catch-up addage !!!)

It Came From Forge World- Boarding Marine

Modelfair in Schleißheim near Munich

Fur Mats
Furmats for 20 mm

 LPL Season 6, Round 3 Ces't la vie

Ignis Rex

The scale of Heavy Gear

News from Hank's Silistra project

1/1200 Fleet Review - Imperial Japanese Navy

Punic Wars figures painted

The Battle of Ariminum 217 BC

Assault on the Redwing Farm (AE Bounty game report for Station 42)

Landsknechci w komplecie!/ Landsknechts finished!

Ironwind Metals - New Battletech Releases

Spartan Games - Painted Dystopian War Bunkers and Towers

Anvil Industry - Re-Mastered Steam Lords

Scibor Miniatures - Easter Promo Miniature

Painting: Plaster Dragon’s Teeth; For Sale: Necron Scarabs!!

Call signs Black Dragon and Samurai
Call Signs Geisha and Tiger

From ChristopherS: 15mm Mameluks (100 points)

 Back Up The Neverwaussie

 Song of Void and Stars Playtest

Effigy Miniatures, Pilot, Recon & Hacker

 AAR - The Ides of March

Babciny piernik

 It's that time of year again... KingdomCon!

 Cold Wars: Big Game Part 4

 All Your Base...

Roman Cohort Fort for Sale

Wethau. The deployment

West Midlands Military Show 2012 - a photo report

Lathiem Oakleaf

2 days of Madness - Smart Max Competition Entries

Super Tan-Kaïr

Khador: Battle Mechanik 

Wolf Lord with Jump Pack

 Torre de filtración

Lost Reich: Mech Combat in Paper

Mansions of Madness: A few repaints


Inquisitor Lok

Grey Knights cd cd cd cd
Grey Knights Venerable Dreadnought

From JohnM: 28mm Prussian Napoleonic Infantry (120 points)

Showcase: Crimson Fists Tactical Squad
Showcase: Crimson Fists Scouts

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