Thursday, 19 April 2012

Mojo Ponderings

Don't Tell The Wife You've Lost Your Painting Mojo!!


Tutorial - How to quickly make a banner from transparent foil

Non-Sucky Holes

DIY: Making Wargaming Craters That Don’t Suck

Popooree Refill

Jarrett Lee’s Demigryph Knights

Taban Miniatures - New EDEN Faction

Puppetswar - Walker Rocket Launcher Arm

North Africa mega battle AAR part 2
North Africa mega battle - Building the terrain

Saucy Sue Stories: Kidnapped, Part 1

Victorian Adventuress

Relics battle report 1: Orcnar vs. Vaettir (300pts)

Pierwsze podstawki artylerii

Matchbox SdKfz 11 :The Journey Continues...

Deep Wars: Fortune Hunter

Raging Heroes: Mantis

Adeptus Mechanicus - Warhound Titan painted

Repainted Parasaurolophus

Studio Bergstrom, Spaceship Combat

Preview - official Tomorrow's War figures

AMT 2012 (VI) Fantasía

AMT 2012 (V) Modelado en Fantasía

Get Down On It (bumped for progress)

Modular Gaming Table: Part 9
Modular Gaming Table: Part 8
Modular Gaming Table: Part 7
Modular Gaming Table: Part 6c
Modular Gaming Table: Part 6b
Modular Gaming Table: Part 6a
Modular Gaming Table: Part 5b
Modular Gaming Table: Part 5
Modular Gaming Table: Part 4
Modular Gaming Table: Part 3
Modular Gaming Table: Part 2
Modular Gaming Table: Part 1

Popooree (bumped for addage)

GtB: Daily Miniature Manual #56 – Classic Plastic Goblin Spearman (GW)

Stary Żyd

Adepticon here I come Part 1

Knight Models - Increíbles Novedades Abril 2012

ChristChurch Cathedral In New Zealand - by Canon

Houses And Buildings In OO Scale - by Card Models By Tony

Gamezone Goblin wolf riders, Gallery #1

Finishing the Temple Guard for Adepticon... the Return of Babo! (lots of pictures)
Finishing Saurus Cold ones For Adepticon: the Return of Babo!

Encargo con setos


Dog, honey & Liberty


Krakendoom’s Company

Snake-like Cave Drake

Using the Necropshinx Tutorial

Inquisitor 28: Daemonhost Zalambur

'Nam project - jungle scenery

Moson Show 2012

Con Report: Kingdom Con Saturday

Panther A, Southern Germany, January 1945,

BEE Naval Inf Command Vehicle

Fuzzy sapiens

Midweek special

Jornadas de Iniciación en Eminis (II Edición).

AMT Torrent 2012 by Iguazzu

Chemical container car - paper gaming props for your modern/scifi games

Armorcast Wolfhound, Part 1

Back to Work

a flag shroud


I have been to … the Naval History Museum, Venice: A photo-essay – Part 2: The models of Ironclads

Space Marine Combat Squad

Perry Miniatures: painted mounted men at arms!

Ork Blasta Bomma II Scratchbuild